Clinton Greenway Project Email January 20, 2016

Sent to Rich Newlands (PBOT Project Manager)

Hi Rich,

BikeLoudPDX and Safer Clinton members recently held a meeting to discuss our initial impressions of Phase I of the Clinton Neighborhood Greenway Enhancement Project. We are happy to report general agreement that there has been a marked decrease in motor vehicle traffic volumes between SE 12th and Cesar Chavez. Although we realize that this project is still under construction, we had some questions and requests regarding the current facilities.

1. The October project update indicated that guide signs to SE 17th would be removed from SE Powell but this has not yet occurred. BikeLoudPDX strongly supports removal of these signs because they inadvertently direct non-neighborhood traffic onto the Clinton greenway.

2. We were happy to see delineators installed at the SE 17th diverter but members have still observed motor vehicles driving over and through the diverter (in one case a small car crossed in the gap). Other diverters in Portland have “object marker” warning signs and we would like to know whether these are planned at SE 17th.

3. BikeLoudPDX members have observed vehicles illegally turning left at the SE 17th diverter (4 vehicles over a ~30 min period) resulting in potential conflict with oncoming traffic. We recommend installation of “right turn only” signs at this location because we believe this would be clearer than current signage.

4. The recent modification of the SE 32nd diverter barrels has improved bike access around the diverters. Nevertheless, some people still cycle around the diverter to the left, veering into the oncoming lane. We think this is due to confusion about intended bike movement at this diverter. Will chevrons or sharrow indicators be installed to indicate where people cycling should go?

5. Use of the SE 32nd diverter by people cycling requires an awkward, sharp swerve and people riding cargo bikes (e.g. bakfiets) find the diverter difficult to pass. We are also concerned that drainage debris will block the intended path. Given the large amount of bike traffic on SE Clinton, we request that people cycling be routed through the middle of the diverter by creating a gap in between, rather than to the right of, the barrels. If this is not possible, we request that an additional parking space be removed, diagonal guidelines adjusted, and the yellow curb extended.

6. Some “bikes may use full lane” signs are located at or near major intersections (e.g. SE 12th). We believe these signs would be more visible if they were more set back from these intersections.


Soren Impey

BikeLoudPDX Direct Action Coordinator


Jessica Engelman

BikeLoudPDX Co-Chair