Communications Committee Meeting January 24, 2015


Clinton’s 30th anniversary is this year

  • organize a party?
  • try to get official greenway day proclamation from Mayor? (he did it for the Decemberists)

Prudent Media Proposal

from Will Vanlue

  • decided it’s a worthy endeavor
  • prices ok
  • designs are great
  • Emily can help Will with press release


  • need to transition to another web hosting platform
  • Chris will talk to Daniel Gebhart and Soren about moving the site

General visual identity

  • did we ever come up with a final mission statement?
BikeLoudPDX is:
  • action
  • grassroots
  • neighbor/community-oriented
  • freedom
  • safety
  • proactive
  • family-friendly
BikeLoudPDX isn’t:
  • elitist
  • top-down bureaucracy
  • government-led
  • traditional advocacy
  • reactive

Emily to send this is/isn’t list out to list serve for feedback

Internal/External Communications

  • Events need to be posted more regularly around the web
  • Comm. Committee to divide this up
    • Emily to post to AROW list, Shift list, ORbike list
    • Alex keep on doing a great job on Twitter?
    • Chris Shaffer to update website
    • Gerald will remind people to repost their event on BikeLoud list if needed
  • Post events on list 10 days out, then post a 3 day reminder on list
  • Directory of members for email/phone chain? Gerald will present at next general meeting

Press releases

  • How to do them?
  • What outlets to contact regularly?
  • Which person will be in charge- the five new media contacts?

Organize more fun rides/events

  • Bike Party is on Jan 30
  • Bike to Brunch
  • Others??

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