Direct Action Planning Meeting June 6, 2015


June 24th Day of Protest Planning

We need a unifying name for our June 24 protests and rides. We also would like to cooperate/collaborate with other activists who are holding concurrent rallies at city hall (Bike PSU, Climate Action Plan Protest/Rising Tide and Homeless Santa protest). After a lengthy discussion we propose the following as unifying name:

"Follow the Plan! A Day of Protest at City Hall"

We believe that Portland’s Bike Plan, Climate Action Plan, and Housing Equity plans make great promises but are not being followed through with any semblance of urgency. While we also also advocate for additional solutions, we want the city to follow through with the plans they've already made.

Advertising the event: - 8.5"x11" fliers to hand out to stores (bike shops, other businesses sympathetic to the cause(s)) - 1/4 page handouts to give to people at other pedalpalooza rides, at Breakfast on the Bridges, etc., - Posters to stick on the sides of our bikes with basic event details - Big posters for BonB <-- there is a BonB every Friday this month - Banners.

Viral direct-action -Viral direct action(s) that dramatize road violence with the aim of creating positive media buzz (please contact Soren if you can volunteer). The theme of this direct action will be, “Nobody is safe”, and we will have a poster that depicts road violence for people who drive, walk, and bike.

We also request that people advertise the day of protest to pedalpalooza ride participants, friends, acquaintances, and to other activist/non-profit groups (e.g. other cycling/ped/safe street groups, climate groups, homeless/equity groups..)

The ideas/concepts/phrases we liked at the meeting were: - Giving people transit options so people no longer have to drive (we're not anti-car so much as pro-options) - "Pro-bike = Pro-Portland" - Keeo your promises (city hall)! - "Not just Sunday Parkways" "Not just Pedalpalooza" - Bikes+Sustainability+Equity are all a part of Portland’s Ethics and Culture - Follow through, justice (for all topics), feet-to-the-fire, Less talk, more action (from the city) - “Nobody is safe” Streets are not safe for anyone at the moment, not just cyclists (there was concern about focusing too much on bikes/peds would make these seem more dangerous than they are, esp. when many more people are dying in cars)

Ideas for the events themselves: - Street theater and banners at city hall - Taking up a parking space/spot on the sidewalk in front of city hall as a base of operations.

Brainstorming for direct action and viral activism

We discussed holding additional “die ins”, memorials/vigils but decided that for June we would focus on our Day of Protest. The following activist group provides a current model for this type of direct action:

We discussed viral and street theater actions. Please respond to this post if you want to be included in that email list.

Draft guidelines for BikeLoudPDX-linked direct actions

Our protests will not promote activities that risk arrest but will also not seek to limit 1st amendment rights of individuals. Protests should have a leader and facilitators to help guide participants and reduce conflict.

Draft conduct statement for BikeLoudPDX protests: We are here to reduce violence on our roads so please practice non-violent protest and communication.


Given the nice weather lets meet Saturday at 5 pm at Piccolo Park (2584 SE 28th Ave).

Please let me know any specific things you would like to discuss.

Draft Agenda:

  1. Discuss and potentially decide on direct actions that will attempt to create media buzz surrounding the June 24th BikeLoudPDX city council testimony and associated protest rides. My goal is to create positive coverage by being loud and possibly outrageous but to not be antagonistic.
  2. "Die ins" and other way we can memorialize traffic victims. How often should we hold these events? Who should be targeted? What are the triggers?
  3. Brainstorm ideas for actions/viral activism that seek to use media buzz to undermine cars-vs-bikes propaganda and facilitate more balanced media discussion of traffic safety issues.
  4. Draw up a list of guidelines for BikeLoudPDX direct actions.
              Code of conduct for direct actions. Where do we draw the line when it comes to protestor behavior and non-violent protest/resistance? 
              Categorize direct actions so participants know what to expect. (e.g. family friendly or not).
  1. Other things people want to discuss.