Direct Action Planning Meeting March 20, 2016

Direct action meeting minutes and update 3-20-2016

Discussion of direct actions that target PBOT’s reluctance to implement traffic calming as the default on Neighborhood Greenways

Possible actions:

*Crosswalk/intersection action

*People diverter protest/event (possible with a “fun” theme)

*Redacted due to sensitivity of topic

*Redacted due to sensitivity of topic

(Some discussion of other issues with Greenways, including the lack of signals at major intersections.)

A response to traffic carnage in outer east Portland and the Cully neighborhood

*142nd and Center death

Discussion of event/vigil where we stress that drunk driving is not enforced.

Soren and Dan both followed up with Kristi Finney (and Jonathan Maus). The family requested privacy and did not support public events or a ghost bike installation.

*NE Cully death

Kristi Finney of Families for Safer Streets has been in touch with family members.

Discussion of a protest/direct action that targets drunk driving enforcement at Multnomah courthouse/justice center. Contact Families for Safer Streets to see if there is interest.

Editorials and protest that emphasize need for infrastructure funding

Gerald proposed a coordinated editorial campaign arguing forcefully for increased funding.

Discussion of the many decades it would take to build out currently proposed infrastructure given current funding. Some discussion that editorials may not get widespread attention and that pairing them with a rally would be effective.

Several participants spoke in support of another rally in support of increased funding/greenways. There was agreement that the “Follow the Plan” rally was successful and that a rally with a similar theme would be desirable. Discussion of the timing led to several comments that a rally should overlap with pedalpalooza in order to reach a large audience.

Several participants proposed that the rally have a band and New Orleans wake theme with coffins symbolizing traffic deaths/carnage (an idea originally proposed by Zane and Dan last year). Some discussion of where this rally could take place and there was some agreement that an ODOT Region 1 HQ to City Hall route might be appropriate. Discussion that we should coordinate with Bikewalkvote to take advantage of the interest in these issues during the election season.

Soren Jim, Dan Jessica,Gerald, Adam, PJ, Zane, and Jen all agreed they could help with organization of this rally.

Discussion of direct actions at public conferences, speeches, meetings, or events.

There was general agreement that the recent direct action at the Oregon Active Transportation Summit was successful and that we should continue use similar tactics to highlight deficiencies and/or promote direct action events.

Discussion of a possible Powell Ride during pedalpalooza

Some discussion of whether the pedalpalooza kickoff ride could take this route. Dan stated that he would look into this.