General Meeting April 10th, 2016

Minutes from BikeLoudPDX April 2016 meeting


Board positions

Discussion of organization leadership and roles - a focus on needs rather creating positions.

7th Ave greenway

Petition to be circulated soon, need to convince neighbors on 8th and 9th ave to support greenway and diverters on 7th

Clinton project

  • 3 month review of Clinton St diverters coming up soon
  • Thank you notes have been dropped off at city hall to councillors and the mayor.

Ankeny project

Sheila Parrott of PBOT has scheduled a tentative date for Ankeny project open house. There will be outreach to Kerns and Buckman neighborhood and comments will be collected there and online. Once the date is finalized Soren will request draft plans and hold a meeting to discuss the “yes” campaign. Design may include “Bikes May Use Full Lane signs” and flexible delineators at SE 20th diverter.

Rodney diversion

  • Permanent version of diverter is now installed.
  • Short bike lanes on Fremont (connecting the off-set intersection of Rodney + Fremont) will be painted and are out to bid now

What is Families for Safer Powell doing?

A letter emailed to PBOT asking for improvements on 26th (seed bumps and crosswalks). A goal of Families for Safer Powell is to lobby for reform of ODOT. Work is underway on messaging, a letter, and a petition. The goal is to create a coalition of groups that advocate for a safer and more livable Powell.

Powell Blvd

  • Discussion of the traffic signals at SE Powell and SE 28th - will it be HAWK, rapid flash beacon or full traffic signal?
  • A crosswalk will be installed at SE 26th and Franklin.

Better Block needs volunteers. Better Broadway will be rolling out mid-May, Better Burnside after that.

Salem Ride discussion

Gerald presented handouts: A ride/walk to Salem to advocate for funding/gas tax. Use the ride to raise funds for active transportation. Possible dates in June and July were discussed.

OTC oversees ODOT funding so a focus on OTC meetings is a possibility. The June 16-17 Portland OTC meetingoverlaps with pedalpalooza. A subgroup will meet to plan and begin organizing this ride/protest and organizing outreach to partner groups.

Pedalpalooza Rides

Bike Your Activism- Ted,

Diverter Ride (possible)- Emily

20s Ride- Terry?

Bring postcards, spoke cars, petitions etc along for BikeLoudPDX projects to get support from pedalpalooza riders

Sunday Parkways

We have some volunteers for the May 15th Sunday Parkways in East Portland, but can always use more, so contact Jen Centers if interested. Will be doing a reminder in early May on facebook as well.

Direct Action

Crosswalk action at 142nd and Division? - Soren

Die-in at Portland Building?

Memorialize peds/cyclists at end of month. - Ted

Board Elections

Anonymous voting for elections has been pushed back to next month. Chairs will get together to clarify the board roles and election process and will post on google group within next two weeks

501(c)3 vs 501(c)4 discussion

Soren had a hand out (here) and sent out these links beforehand:

A new one page 501c3 "EZ" application:


Instructions for 501c4 filing (no EZ form available):


IRS time estimate for filing of 1024 form: ~90 hrs.

We decided to have a vote on IRS status next month.