General Meeting April 23rd, 2017


1:00 settle in

1:05 intro

1:10 Legislative update

1:20 Possible protest ride against 1-5 widening - Roberta Robles

1:35 BikeLoudPDX Pedalpalooza rides- ideas for ride themes/topics

1:50 BikeLoud May social event - Citizen Jane screening at Cinema 21 - Catie 1:55 Break

2:05 SE Clinton and 50th Ave intersection- letter regarding improvements to protect bike traffic as several apartment buildings are being built with garages that open onto Clinton St.

2:30 Green Loop & 6th Ave - Gerald Fittipaldi

2:40 Sunday Parkways 2017 - Jessica Engelman

2:55 BikeLoudPDX business cards- Gerald and Catie

17 present

Legislative update

The call to action to comment publicly online was successful. Before the call to action there was limited testimony; afterwards there was plenty.

Remember that it is public testimony.

Even though it passed unanimously, there was some ambituity; might be too politically risky in other regions. Many small towns didn't want liability for setting speeds on their own streets.

262A (amended bill) to be read April 24th.

Tina Kotek kept it alive. Might be good to write her a note thanking her.

Other bills:

Senate bill to increase punishment for distracted driving with mobile devices. Has passed committee. Going on to Ways and Means, a third committee which has budgetary oversight along with other implications.

Vision Zero bill has passed in committee and is also on its way to the Ways and Means committee.

Powell sign bill has moved to an off-legislative compromise

Transportation funding package: has a lot of plans for major freeway expansion. A good topic for discussion on the mailing list. Anti-freeway expansion. It's a state-wide package that legislators don't want to let fall apart. As activists we could say no state-wide package with freeway expansion as a major component.

This will go to the transportation committee in May and they want it passed May/June.

Information from Safe Routes To School.

We want at least as much funding for active transportation as is given to freeway expansion.

Smooth segue into:

Possible protest ride again 1-5 widening - Roberta Robles

One of the major projects is a Rose Quarter interchange expansion. There's a compromise with the city of Portland that PBOT currently supports because it has improvements.

Going through the projects that we don't want to happen in particular.

Have some sort of protest ride that focuses on those projects. Could coincide with JPAC, but that's a morning meeting. Something to do with afternoon traffic seems like a good idea.

What month should this take place in? Could be pedalpalooza ride, but it sounds like sooner

Corral our regional representatives sooner: put it in May. There are a number of wrinkles to the timing. Best to approve of a Rose Quarter protest ride, appoint some point people.

Six step forward to help Roberta, email to be sent.

The time is right to start making noise about it.

There is state-wide context to the Rose Quarter expansion; Portland congestion has been identified as a problem for business interests across the state.

Two constituencies: commuters and freight. We can reach out to freight interests and articulate that this will not solve the problem because the new capacity will fill up immediately with commuters.

Subcommittee email has been sent for an additional meeting on the subject.

We return to bus and truck lanes.

Formal vote on whether or not to have this protest ride. Passes overwhelmingly.

BikeLoudPDX Pedalpalooza rides- ideas for ride themes/topics

At this meeting it'd be good to have a list of BL-endorsed events for the Mercury printing of the Pedalpalooza ride directory.

To avoid scheduling conflicts, to allow us to print a list of BL events.

Terry: 2 rides

Madlandia Redux - focusing on the 70s greenway

Tour of the 60s - Mt Tabor neighborhood.

Phil (not BL): the Roadway Reorganization Ride - bike infrastructure downtown

Rose Quarter protest ride might be a protest ride.

Jazz Funeral ride: lots of prep work from last year that we'd like to reuse.

Ted: volunteer him and his transport your activism ride.

Soren: no more 4 lanes ride. Good feedback from multiple people.

Working title 'scofflaw' ride. Infrastructure where it's safer to do something illegal. Stop at places where signals don't make sense or detectors don't work. Make it a point to say that this isn't about breaking the law rebelliously but taking charge of your own safety.

Rosewood: Following the 162nd bus route from Powell to Sandy. East Portland week is the 18th through the 24th. No leader available at the meeting; put to Google Group for a ride leader/organizer.

Dan: volunteers to work on No More 4 Lanes Ride.

New Orleans funeral: reached out to some brass bands for this year. Friday might be better. A key is having someone up front leading the the pace. Jazz funeral started off real slow. His group does a mardi gras parade and also the Rose Festival. It takes a lot of logistics.

Recommendation: pick a date and then see what the logistics end up being.

"Lakes" of Portland: finding unimproved roads. There are other rides already like this one; PJ will connect with them.

Last year we had "recommended" rides: rides that fit BL values.

A cargo bike ride.

The New Orleand Funeral subcommittee will come up with the final list this week.

Time for a really quick break.

BikeLoud May social event - Citizen Jane screening at Cinema 21 - Catie

Citizen Jane is out in theaters starting May 5th.

Just your average citizen trying to make her city better.

Fun to organize a night to the theater together, maybe hang out afterwards.

Oregon Walks has already claimed the 7pm Monday showing.

Some discussion on the pros/cons of weekend vs. weekday; we'll plan on weekday. Catie will organize.

SE Clinton and 50th Ave intersection

Letter regarding improvements to protect bike traffic as several apartment buildings are being built with garages that open directly onto Clinton St.

Get ahead of this before new traffic patterns become a problem.

Putting the driveways on Clinton just because of a standard, and that standard is to put the driveway on the lower classification of street. Changing that standard should be a priority.

The building is already under construction, so there's nothing we can do about that now.

Propose that there be a diverter in the middle of the street so that people can access the driveway for the apartment building but cannot proceed on Clinton.

Proposal for a contra-flow lane (bikes only eastbound) which might be a solution.

Diversion is cheaper than a traffic light. There are many infrastructure options available to choose from.

Jessica started an idea draft document. That's a good source of bullet points for a letter.

Adam volunteers to organize subcommittee. Ideally it will come up with a letter for the general meeting to approve next meeting.

Green Loop & 6th Ave - Gerald Fittipaldi

Presentation from the city on the Green Loop tomorrow. It would be a linear park for inner Portland.

There are between 20 and 30 car lanes + additional lanes in parking down.

Gerald presented the case for 6th avenue as a bike corridor.

There are no good northbound routes.

4th is an easier sell for a bike route.

Propose a preference for both 4th and 6th?

PSU is the #1 generator of bike trips downtown.

No cars on 6th for the whole stretch?

There's a lot of scope for discussion of bike infrastructure downtown

Gerald will continue to work on this concern.

Sunday Parkways 2017 - Jessica Engelman

Last year we didn't have the greatest experience. How do we feel about it this year?

May 21st is the first Sunday Parkways.

We got burned out last year.

We want to advocate, but this is volunteer work.

Parkways isn't a place to recruit people for hours.

Stress of the volunteer system; having more intersections than we can handle.

There's a possibility of having only 'overflow' volunteers work on advocacy.

Proposal: do the SE event and reconsider. It's a good place to talk about our pedalpalooza rides.

Throw it out to the larger group to get volunteers. If we don't get a lot of interest, let the matter rest there.

Soren volunteers to be the liaison with Sunday Parkways. We can revisit after this.

BikeLoudPDX business cards- Gerald and Catie

Everyone takes some!

Can order another round in time for Sunday Parkways. Feedback on anything that can be edited or improved.


Doodle poll sent out for Pedalpalooza meeting.

Jessica will run the next meeting.