General Meeting August 14th, 2016


Introductions - 5 min

Updates from co-chairs - 10 min 3:15

Recap of 82nd Ave of Death protest - 10 min (Soren/Jessica/Dan G/Gerald) 3:25

Recap of New Orleans Jazz Funeral and Salem Ride - 15 min (Jessica/Gerald) 3:40

Clinton St update and discussion of our asks - 30 min (Jessica) 4:10

BREAK - 5 min 4:15

Vote to endorse Portland for Everyone - 5 min (co-chairs) 4:20

Mt. Scott intersection crash- 15 min (Dan G) 4:35

Planning discussion for Legislative Days in Salem- 20 min (Soren) 4:55

  • Discussion of voting process for endorsement- 15 min (Soren)

Meeting Notes


11 present

Co-chair updates

Commentary on the Comp Plan. New letter drafted. Commentary on the Map App.

Few updates from the chairs. Marsha is now the representative for SEUL.

82nd Protest Ride Recap

Dan took the lead. Pretty good news coverage! Koin, KGW, KATU. Also got pretty good turn-out; close to exactly three dozen.

Got good feedback from someone that knew the bicyclist.

Get these clips on the website!

Could have done a better job getting community members to speak. We did invite people from East Portland Action Plan, but probably should have asked to see if they wanted to speak. Soren recognized some EPAP attendees but didn't want to put them on the spot.

Discussed whether "Avenue of Roses -> Avenue of Death" was too much at the meeting. Perhaps could have done a better job expressing our right to use that language.

The relationship and politics of APANO complicate our action on 82nd.

Geographical representation was fairly diverse at the event.

How do we get people who do not know the lay of the land/how to get their voice heard to get more involved?

Jazz Ride Recap

Jessica: In the end it all came together, but it was pretty rough and pulled together at the last minute. Coming off of the other rides being led. A lot of work went into it, but it went pretty well. Let's not reinvent it next year.

Ended up being popular. Mark is part of a group tha does Second Line and if he'd known sooner (and if the Blues Festival wasn't that day) we might have had authentic live music.

Let's make this an annual thing because it went over so well and we have put this work into it.

Ted has kept the trailer.

We reached out to other groups and the news really last-minute. Wasn't tied to a topical event.

March on foot, ride your bikes later worked out well.

Rally: not as much prep as we should have; a little low energy.

Thought: signs, making more signs for next year. Some people thought it was an actual funeral. Pamphlets to hand out to people.

Salem Ride Recap

Biked from Portland to Salem. 12 people biked, 1 skateboarded, Zane drove. Timing went pretty well. Left 7 am, got there aronud 4:30pm, held our rally, an impromptu die-in (chalked out outlines), gave speeches, drew slogans.

Someone from Kaiser came and spoke, with his family.

Press releases sent out too late.

The day after the event we sent out photos and a write-up and the Statesman Journal did a write-up.

It went really well as a trial run for what we intended.

A few spots we were close to I-5, Dan's going to scout out another recommended ride.

A lot of people signed up on FB and it got a lot of pageviews.

Planning another Salem ride

Shortly after the Salem event, talking about what to do in September.

There's opportunities with Legislative Days. The big one is September 22nd, 5-8pm is Transportation Subcommittee.

Point is to get feedback from the public. It's a meeting. Some of the committee members are there.

With the Salem ride our focus was on the funding shortfall and the governor's transportation plan, we should lobby for additional money.

Dan (Kaufman), Gerald, and Soren agree that this should be our next focus for the next Salem ride, and that the September 22nd timeslot is what we should target.

Dan Kaufman would like to have a meeting at his house. This Tuesday at 7pm.

The previous ride was successful likely in part because it was on a weekend. The commuter trains will be running so it might not be necessary to bike to attend.

Leading up to this meeting, the committee is giving presentations on a Road Show. Closest one is in Hillsboro.

Appointed by Governor Brown, the Transportation Subcommittee is supposed to come to an agreement on a transportation package.

From the active transportation perspective the plan (available on our website) is a huge failure. In order to maintain current levels of funding, which recently have been higher,

14% decrease overall in funding. The ODOT bike/ped plan will 'fully fund' 100 million.

BikeLoud's take is that we need to ask for sufficient funding for safety.

Crisis of traffic deaths and injuries.

Active transportation is chronically underfunded.

The idea is to go to this subcommittee and testify. Too many stakeholders signed up ahead of time. We need to get there really early to sign up or figure out how to get as many people as possible.

Good practice for our testimony at the Legislative Days.

Monday September 9, 5pm-7:30

Details to be posted. Planning meeting also to be posted.

A year ago Dan K created Livable Streets Action, an affiliate group. Streets should be safe for everyone. Sometimes it's better to have a voice that's not so bike centric. It can also function more state-wide.

Counter-argument: We should stay more Portland-centric in the long term. The Transportation Bill will affect Portland, so our state-wide focus could be viewed as temporary.

Gerald: It was powerful to have two different groups/voices in three people testifying.

Q. How can we argue for livable streets if we don't go after ODOT?

Soren: What we don't want to have happen is LSA divides the group and we split volunteers between the group. In general we've been conscious of LSA as an affiliate group. 'Bikes' in the title of the sponsoring organization can be latched upon by the media. The intent is not to draw people away from BLPDX.

The Sprocket podcast was confused by the mismatch between contact address (LSA) and official sponsorship (BLPDX) which caused some fumbling.

We need to be really clear about who is hosting events.

Outside of Portland we might be able to get more people involved with LSA than something with PDX in the title.

Ride to the rally hosted by LSA, rally hosted by BLPDX.

5 minute break!

Clinton St Update

Rich Newlands and Roger Geller graciously provided some background information on the Clinton project. They are looking to move on.

Main focus was lowering volumes and getting them in line with our new guidelines.

We vote to approve the permanent installation of the existing improvements. Vote passes with no dissent.

Mt. Scott Intersection Crash

Most recent traffic fatality was a bicyclist on Mt. Scott road.

Dan G led a ride to the intersection to think about improvements.

Can't fix the problem of people trying to be nice.

Various infrastructure improvements are considered.

It is a bike lane because the white stripe is 8 inches. The bike stencils are optional.

This is one of the only ways from Happy Valley into Portland.

A four-way stop seems like it might be a good solution.

As a designated bikeway, it's below 2000 cars a day, sign it for a slower speed!

Dan will start a letter to be signed off the group.

Wednesday: a city ride on the 150s bikeway. If you want to know more about future Greenways in East Portland. it's a great opportunity.

Portland For Everyone

Endorsing specifically the five points, the statement of Portland 4 Everyone. This is not a blanket endorsement of their group.

Motion passes.

It seemed like the endorsement was last month pitched as for the organization or building a coalition.

Close this meeting. Who will run next month's meeting?

Picking out the place, putting out a call for agenda items, post it on the google group, bikeloud calendar, post the agenda a couple days before the meeting.

Dan G volunteers!