General Meeting December 13, 2015

Dec 13 BikeLoudPDX General Meeting in North Portland

3pm to 5pm, facilitated by Joe Rowe

Tuite Bicycle Repair 2234 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97217


Meeting Start 3pm. Location is N Lombard and N Mobile Ave PDX Nov 15 Day of Remembrance, Mark Angeles

Action: Memorial at Courthouse (5 mins?) (Soren, Ted)

Direct Action: Die in at ODOT1 region headquarters next week.

Action: Resolution for a Safer Powell: New Years Eve -- Jan 31st

Action: Open Letter in support of ticket for Burnside Sidwalk killer of Ben Carlson (503) 823-2103 Kelli Sheffer.

Plans for traffic calming bike rides or other activities on the first week

What should BikeLoudPDX focus on next?

Which Greenways should get the Clinton treatment (Ankeny, Lincoln, Michigan etc)?

A letter to Trimet (with ccs to PBOT etc) focusing on the proposed changes to 82nd, Division, and Powell.

Update, Clinton St. (Ted, Jessica)

Meeting with Rich Newlands, diverters coming in “first week of January”,

Update, Clinton to the River? (Betsy, Ted) (5 mins)

Update, Interstate Ave? (Ted) (5 mins)

Comp Plan Update – letter sent in (5 mins?) (Jessica, Jim, Terry)

Close of meeting


Discussion of Day of remembrance for victims of traffic violence (organized by Families For Safe Streets with help from OregonWalks and the BTA). Soren helped cut out the silhouettes. Dan Kaufman, Dan Gebhart, Soren, and Joe R helped set up the silhouettes of pedestrian and bicycle traffic violents. The event emphasized the complete lack of infrastructure in the periphery of Portland. There was consensusthat this was a powerful action.

Discussion of lack of sidewalks led to discussion of using development service fees to pay for pedestrian and bike infrastructure.

Discussion of 4:30 Dec 17 Die In or Vigil -- perhaps a funeral theme -- dressed in black. Discussion of separate actions outside of event (Joe R u-locking himself to bldg) -- some support and disagreement for this. Dan K, Soren, and Roberta agreed to work on the details outside of the meeting. Help will be solicited from other members on the email list. Roberta and Dan agreed to serve as media representative.

Discussion of letter writing process… Gas tax and 70s bikeway letters were edited but the process may have become stalled possibly due to disagreements.

Discussion of Clinton celebration Agreement that we should plan a party following installation of the diverter.

Discussion of what BikeLoudPDX should focus on next.

  • Long-term safety problems with ODOT roads -- Lombard and Powell.
  • ODOT -- go after them for failure to mitigate safety issue. two way streets and road diets.
  • Lobby Governor Brown.
  • Diverters -- but need to focus on seeing Clinton to fruition.
  • Jurisdictional transfer -- High-crash corridors.
  • Road construction detours.
  • Road debris storm grates.
  • Focus on getting Portland and ODOT to sit at the table and compromise.
  • Prioritizing increased funding for active transport. Fund Vision Zero and Complete Streets.
  • Leadership change at ODOT.
  • 20 is plenty.

Discussion of a letter that addresses the interstate bike lane fix. Disagreement about how strong the letter should be. There appears to be more support for option C but not unanimous. Also support for not accepting false choices. A letter need to be drafted in the next few weeks.

Discussion of letter about powell, 82nd, BRT. Tabled for discussion offline.

Angel wins the BikeLoudPDX volunteer award after an initial tie. Tom Tuite (host of meeting at Tuite Bicycle Repair) wins outside advocate award.