General Meeting December 7, 2014

To Do

Emily to contact Puddle Cycle regarding a unified group ride with Bike Loud PDX.

Soren to contact BTA regarding private meeting with Bike Loud PDX.

Alex to talk to Kath and Matt to bring children to Thursday meeting about Clinton Street.

Signs to be posted ASAP on Clinton St. to advertise Thursday meeting. Communications

Chris Shaffer to post meeting notes to dedicated public section of website.

Emily volunteers to create visual identity. Priorities: letterhead and business card templates with general Bike Loud PDX communication info.

Formation of communications committee:

  • Chris Shaffer
  • Gerald Fittipaldi
  • Emily Guise
  • Erik Soltan
  • James Childress

Communication committee to establish guidelines for use of Facebook group and Facebook page.

To Do @ January Meeting

Discuss monetary issues.

Delegate Alex's responsibilities due to his decreasing involvement in the future.

Alex to create a post for a volunteer secretary position.

Create list of go-tos/co-chairs that may be contacted on behalf of Bike Loud PDX.

Future bike-to-brunch or bike-to-dinner event.

To Do @ March Meeting

Examine web presence and effectiveness of Facebook posts and events.

Clinton Street Meeting: Thursday, 5:30pm @ Portland Building

Pre-meeting: 5:00pm @ Starbucks nearby

Talking points:

  • Move fixing of legacy greenways from years 4-6 to years 1-3.
    • Funding to display maintenance funding.
  • Lowered thresholds for traffic counts.
  • Three diverters added to Clinton. (See Terry for details.)

Barbur Blvd

Recommendations from Bike Loud PDX:

  • Endorse Barbur Blvd road diet.
  • Buffered bike lane in place of SW car lane.
  • When dedicated bus lane is constructed, protected bike lanes should also be constructed.

On Dec 12th, ODOT will release traffic counts for Barbur and arterials to examine impact of road diet.

Original Notes from BikeLoudPDX Google Group (login required)