General Meeting February 26th, 2017

Bike Loud meeting

14 present

Outer Division open house

Show up to open houses in numbers to support changes to Division. They are considering infrastructure changes.

Thanks to Alan for suggesting the emergency speed limit. We're signing a letter to Alan thanking him for bringing it to the city's attention.

What the open houses are: present and talk about what they want to do going forward

BIke lanes sound like a done deal. Plastic bollards with an intermediary, coordinate with Trimet for something more permanent. Should have bus island pull outs!

How to stay up to date on this: read the BikePortland article first. Ask Jessica or Margie Bradway if there are additional questions.

A four/five lane highway is inherently something that doesn't make for VIsion Zero design.

Greenway Report meeting

In 2016 the city put out the Greenway Report as an attempt to standardize Greenways and find out how they are working for people. The Greenway subcommittee is working on a document of policy for the greenway network.

Diversion by default. Either on major arterials or every 4 or 5 blocks or... still undecided.

Process going forward is to continue meeting on it and present a document for review to the group.

Point is to be able to point to policy rather than have same arguments.

Greenway Report is version 1.0, we want to help make version 2.0.

Direct Action events #1

  • ODOT's SE 82nd Avenue walking tour*

From Sarah Iannarone. Doing a lot of work in what's been called the middle east of Portland (between 50th and 205).

82nd is operated as a highway but it's a city street.

Walking tours: event info is in agenda.

Push people to show up at one of these walks in numbers to make it clear to the ODOT employees holding this walk that we're very interested in vision zero and active transportation improvements. ODOT has a very bad record on both.

March 4th at Jade District at 2pm. If you can't make it, you should still try to go to one of the other ones.

Show up, get the word out to your contacts in the area, a reminder will come out on the list.

Decided: this is an official BikeLoud event.

  • Direct Action events #2*

Trimet General Manager's on-the-record recommendation for funding highway expansion.

Every month, Trimet has a board meeting with a public comment section. At 9am on a Wednesday (March 22nd).

This is a little more complex, more than a show-up-with-lots-of-people. Preferable to have something specific to say.

Messaging proposals:

  • Restore levels of service to pre-2008.
  • More frequent bus service
  • Only so much money for transportation; request to advocate for transit

Action item to come: a document for suggestions, a thread on the email list.

Because it is a public comment section, everyone can talk about something different.

Reach out to ally groups; Safe Routes to School, Street Trust, Oregon Walks.

Goal to overwhelm the public comment section.

An email will be out for coordination.

Overall united stance: this is a completely inappropriate stance for the Trimet GM to have. Here's why (with differing reasons). Get this guy out or tell him to straighten up.

Overall outlook: holding place for 30 years from now. A parking garage is the least adaptable building you can build; a highway is the least adaptable infrastructure you can put in. There's a wider discussion here about ODOT and highways and public transportation and freight concerns.

Legislative Session

Soren not present. Soren and Dan went to Salem to testify in favor of statewide Vision Zero adoption.

They had a good experience and want to go back. Have to get it out of subcommittee for a vote.

We need to figure out targeting of representatives and trying to get contacts.

Difficulty: no one in the Portland metro area at the state level is on the transportation subcommittee.

Kate Brown has shown no awareness of Vision Zero or any transportation issue we care about so far. She's super progressive in all other policies.

Representative Nosse: Represents a lot of areas in inner SE. When he started he was focused on a lot of issues he knew and cared about. Background in healthcare, LGBT issues. Since then (and since Fallon Smart), he has put forward a number of bills (including the Vision Zero bill) that are transportation oriented.

Everyone should look into who your representative is and try to talk with them. The maps are arbitrary.

If you have a relationship with a representative, continue pushing and provide specifics.

We need to endorse the sign removal bill, being clear that we're endorsing Safer Clinton's action.


  • Change to language of authority, discussed last month
  • Remove the sign on Powell
  • Reporting of police pedestrian/traffic stops

Propose to endorse online or hold a separate meeting to go over legislative stuff. Tabled for now, contact with Dan K and Soren.

Switching to strategy.

Some ideas.

  • Campaigns to get your friends contacting their representatives
  • Writing saying you support something directly
  • Go to Salem and the office of your representative for a meeting, which is more colorful than sending a postcard
  • Find out when representatives have constituent face-to-face opportunity. Make a calendar of appearances so it's easy to find opportunities
  • Like your representative on facebook to find out events
  • Our elected officials often have offices in our neighborhoods.

Call for leaders from those present: Dan, Ted, Gerald. Emily can support.

Oregon Active Transportation Summit (Ted)

At the end of March (20th, 21st) (before the Trimet meeting). A lot of fun, great opportunity to learn and also to meet PBOT employees, ODOT employees; lots of transportation professionals, not a lot of advocates. Great to have more people that are not professionals because there's a lot of back-patting that advocates can offset.

Last year we made flyer talking about where Portland is not doing a great job.

Emily will be on a panel this year talking about grassroots groups and how they're helping to change the game.

We bring this up if there are people interested that we can get to attend, but also because the opportunity for action.

Standing opportunity to invite people from BikeLoud from Ted. Encourage anyone to consider it and contact Ted. As an average bicyclist in Portland to show up and meet some of these people for future opportunities. Second day more for personal education.

Anyone with any interest should contact Ted.

Business Cards (Gerald/Catie)

Have our BikeLoud contact information. On the back, a cheat sheet for reporting potholes, bike lane restriping or widening. Also a QR code on the card which will take you to PBOT's submission form for those kind of issues. 250 printed for the first round, delivered tomorrow.

Round of applause for Gerald and Catie

Bikeway Maintenance letter to PBOT (Ted)

What should we ask for? (open group question)

  • Even nothing might be better
  • Clean up gravel sooner rather than later.
  • Don't just pile up the snow at the corners of the intersections where the bike lanes will be
  • Jessica had a previous letter after the first snowstorm taking the approach of why we need more bus lanes, because it lets emergency vehicles or schoolbuses through.
  • Clear sidewalks so that at least people can walk. Becomes an enforcement issue.
  • Current policy is to discourage automobile use and encourage public transport
  • Clear the bike lanes first

Ted will incorporate these suggestions into the current letter. Sending out a version 2 by Wednesday so we can endorse and send.

Soren arrives! Meeting time confusion.

Break for 5 so people who need to leave can leave. Then Soren will present the legislative work.

Legislative Sessions

With Livable Streets Action we've done a number of things at the state level. Most recent: testimony at Vision Zero Task Force Transportation Committee proposal.

With Vision Zero task force bill, already had a direct impact on what is being discussed in Salem.

  • HB2355: Require data concerning officer-initiated pedestrian/traffic stops. *

A matter of equity: record data to know if there's racial profile

Straightforward bill except for one clause that reduces punishment for possession Schedule I substance.

Vote: support

  • HB2409: Remove pre-emption on speed limit cameras. Allow local authorities to install speed cameras.*

Yes with no modifications? No

Yes with 3mph as buffer instead of 10mph: vote to support

  • HB2440: Remove HOV restrictions on I-5*

Couple of legislators see them empty all the time.

Convert to bus/freight only?

Bill comes up every year.

Large topic because of overall HOV use.

Vote: No. A few "no comment."

  • HB2461: Establish a mechanism to operate autonomous vehicles legally on our roads.*

Tabled as there's too much possible discussion.

  • HB2597 and SB2*

Current ordinance for driving with a mobile electronic device are not severe enough and are not effective.

The ordinances define mobile electronic device as well as putting the punishments in the top range for these kinds of bills in the USA, of the about a dozen that have such ordinances.

Not voting on 2 because it might be dead

  • HB2597 vote:

Support with comment on language and additional discussion.

  • HB2667: Vision Zero task force*

Vote: yes

  • HB2682: Authorizes cities and counties (instead of ODOT) to establish speed limits.*

Vote: yes

  • HB2683: Remove the Powell sign*

Vote: previously yes with Safer Clinton note.

  • SB 34: Move over Law*

Not BikeLoud's purview?

Decision: no comment

  • SB 35: Increase $ threshold to require accident reporting*

Vote: no

  • SB 327: Recreational immunity for some government employees*

Vote: No comment

  • SB 454: Would provide money for Gorge bike facilities*

Vote: yes

  • SB 493: Local Multnomah DA suggestion*

Bridge gap in current legislation that only allows them to go after someone with serious prosecution if someone dies.

Vote: yes

  • SB 556: prohibit dogs on laps*

Vote: yes

Next event

March 2nd, fun event at 7pm.

Feedback on venue

Hearing is difficult, pleasant atmosphere,

Chairing the next meeting

Jim volunteers if no one else steps in.


Plug for Future of Urban Development from Tim