General Meeting February 8, 2015

Location: Velocult basement lounge Chairing meeting: Emily Guise

Note Marsha's corrections


  • Emily Guise
  • Doug Klotz
  • Marsha Hanckow
  • Gerald Fittipaldi
  • Terry Dublinski-Milton
  • Alex Reed
  • Soren Imsley
  • Erik (Soltan?)
  • Daniel Gebhart
  • Zane Ingersol
  • Ted Buehler

Meeting minutes

(I'm not the best note-taker, especially when I'm also participating. Corrections, additions, clarifications all welcome. Especially who agreed to work on each project...).

Agenda items

Communications - sharing contact info - Gerald Fittipaldi

Discussion about how to share contact info, we agreed to have a written list that folks would agree not to share digitally, Gerald suggested this would be helpful for activating the group, contacting people when plans/places change, etc.

Some question as to who would have access to contact info, which evolved into noting that we don't have a governance system set up that establishes who has access to what information, etc.

Some discussion as to how to set up a secure server, we agreed to move forward with the analog contact info sheet and address secure server issues at the March meeting.

Comprehensive Plan Priorities: Terry D-M

The city wants everyone's top 5 & bottom 5 requests for the Comprehensive Plan. Terry noted that the 60s bikeway was endorsed by all neighborhoods along the route, and the 80s bikeway endorsed by most. He also had an east-side loop in the proposal, which would include, among other things, a bike bridge across Sullivans Gulch at NE 7th or 9th.

(I did not record the full 5 as presented by Terry, but they were presented at the March 1 BikeLoud Comp Plan discussion). It was noted that the CRC is still in the plan, so that should be on our bottom 5.

Barbur Die-in - Alex Reed

Alex is putting together a "die in" for the next time a road user is killed on SE Barbur Blvd, one of the most vexingly dangerous stretches of street in the city.

Some discussion as to where to have it, how to partner with other groups, and whether to let ODOT know that we have a "die in" planned, which could potentially motivate them to try to improve safety to the road to spare them the bad publicity our die-in would bring to additional fatalities.

Generally resolved to have the die-in at ODOT's headquarters (West end of Steel Bridge), and to partner with other groups that might also have an interest in this.

Protocol for meeting with PBOT

PBOT invited Alex to represent BikeLoudPDX at an informal meeting over coffee to discuss possible options for Clinton improvements. There was a discussion on the email list, and some (including myself) suggested that we would be better represented by having more than one participant, so as to provide continuity in future meetings (not everyone can attend all meetings).

I noted in this meeting that I somewhat regretted my suggestions, since the meeting still hadn't occurred, and that there was value in being nimble and responsive to requests for meetings, as well as value in being well represented.

We also discussed how the Clinton St. Working Group was not officially under the BikeLoudPDX umbrella, and that they are the ones working directly with neighbors and neighborhood associations. & that is would be valuable to have them at the table as well. (Other groups, like the Clinton Social Rides, seemed to be in a different niche of the bike advocacy world, so probably wouldn't want to meet with the city).

Ted also noted that this brings up the question of what we will settle for - are we going to be the sort of group that happily takes some improvements, or are we going to set a higher goal and keep striving for it, while graciously accepting improvements along the way. In the end, after much navel-gazing, Alex was going to contact the Clinton St Working Group to try to get at least two people at the table with PBOT.

Sharrow Education Plan

The Shared Lane Marking was developed and approved to help bicyclists know the correct lateral position to take in a lane. Generally the middle of the lane. But PBOT uses them as wayfinding on neighborhood greenways.

There was discussion about whether this is good or bad, overall, and whether we as bicyclists should be taking the middle of the lane anyhow. Erik noted that riding the sharrows can cause negative reactions to people driving cars, which can make non bicycle users less friendly toward bicycle users overall.

Soren noted that since Sharrows had gone in on SW 6th and Terwilliger, a formerly sketchy portion of his daily commute has been made safer, with car drivers giving him more space on the road, and having less angst as they interact with him.

Marsha (?) noted that on SE Clinton St. bicyclists need to ride on the sharrows (rather than in the door zone) because otherwise cars waiting at stop signs at cross streets can't see bicyclists approaching.

Ted proposed that BikeLoud make a brochure that outlines the basic principle of the Sharrow, and instructs Portlanders to ride on the sharrow if they're on a bicycle, and be patient and respectful of bicyclists riding the sharrows if they're driving a car. Ted (& maybe Marsha?) agreed to work on this project.

Betsy Reese (not in attendance) had also been working on this.

Comments on Clinton - Tillicum route issues

Betsy Reese had a string of complaints about the brand new Clinton to Tillicum Bike Route. (Se Clinton and 12th to the Tillicum Bridgehead on the south side of the OMSI parking lot.

We discussed the issues, and whether to make safety complaints about each one as a unit, or Emily proposed using the term "Infrastructure Safari" as a ride to see the problems. We discussed inviting someone from PBOT and Jonathan Maus from . (It was also noted that we hadn't had a regular ride for a couple months).

Adjourned. Thanks to Emily for a well-run, productive meeting that ended on time.

Action Items (partial list?)

  • Gerald - put together an analog contact info list
  • Alex - put together a meeting with PBOT and Clinton St. Working Group
  • Terry - host Comp Plan infrastructure priority endorsement work session
  • Alex (& others?) - continue to put together a Barbur die-in.
  • Ted: Sharrow informational brochure
  • Betsy and others: "Infrastructure Safari Ride, Clinton to the River"

Next meeting: Sunday March 8 @ Velocult, Ted Buehler will compile agenda and chair the meeting

Original Notes at BikeLoudPDX Google Group (login required)