General Meeting January 10, 2015

January BikeLoudPDX monthly meeting (3-5pm Jan 10th at KBOO Station, 20 SE 8th Ave, Portland)

Facilitator: Jessica Notes: Jim

3:00 Introductions and ice breaker (think of one New Years resolution for BikeLoud)

3:10 Update from the legal structure task force -- Alex

3:20 Communications committee update -- Tom et al. (Alternate topic: TSP/Comp Plan update)

3:25 Direct Action update -- Soren et al.

3:35 70s bikeway update -- Terry

3:40 Larabee update -- Ted et al.

3:45 Bike share update, request to send "congratulations" letters of support -- Jessica

3:50 Clinton update, plans for diverter-installation events, how to move forward on Clinton -- Ted et al.

4:05 Announced removal of bike lanes on SE 26th -- Jessica/Soren

4:15 Concerns about 20s bikeway -- Terry

4:30 Electing a new executive committee member -- Ted/Emily/Soren

4:45 Direction and focus of BikeLoudPDX now that Clinton is starting to wrap up -- Emily

4:55 Assign chairs for next monthly meetings (Feb, March, April)

5:00 Dismissed (need to vacate space for next reservation)

There have been a lot of agenda submissions, and it's been hard to pare them down, especially with a lot of big bike news in the past week (e.g. SE 26th and bike share). I tried to keep the agenda to the most time-sensitive issues.

Here are the agenda items that did not make the cut and will hopefully be covered in February:

  • Creating an official letter-writing process
  • Need for more on-the-ground action
  • Website/admin tasks, treasurer role (filling the gap left by Angel)
  • Determining an election process, elected role term lengths, etc.


January Meeting Notes

Jessica chairing

19 in attendance

New Years Resolutions

Bike louder!

  • Communications!
  • Thing big, work less on details!
  • Go after ODOT!
  • * 10 minutes of stretching! Keep fires lit!
  • More Greenways, Clinton follow-through! More respect, less rage and hate!
  • Be more active!
  • Work with City Hall to continue to push!

1. Update legal structure task force:

Still collecting information

Met with BikeWalkVote and Vision Zero USA, looking for 4-5 people to put 5 hours minimum per week.

BikeWalkVote will endorse candidates.

There will be a meeting in a week or so collecting volunteers.

2. Communications

Tom couldn't be here to lead this section.

Soren: We need to make progress this year. Our social media presence could be a lot more effective.

Another communications meeting soon? Reach out to Emily if you want to be involved.

Calendar updates are being handled by Marsha still.

3. Direct Action.

December Memorial for Martin Greenough. Was going to be a vigil for the victims of road violence in 2015, repurposed.

Lots of people came out. Roberta gets accolades as a media representative!

An issue with our events: media people are the ones who should talk to the media. Risk of someone not affiliated with BikeLoud shaping our image. Suggestion: a formal policy for how its members interact with the media.

Roberta: More responsible than showing up and being on camera. Having a list of media contacts: please show up at our event. Get on the phone, do the ask, hopefully at some point getting on Twitter.

History of media setting up cars vs. bikes. Soren's request is we should make this formal policy. Something that should be shared with every member. If you're going off message you should say you're not speaking as a member.

We'll have an email discussion thread, and discuss it at our next meeting, and hopefully create this formal policy.

4. 70s Bikeway

Terry's been working on this route for ~2 years, trying to line up everything to make it happen. There are no continuous nouth-south bikeways in this area. Deadline for comment is the 14th.

Asks everyone to contact government this week; he'll send an email tonight.

We've sent a letter of support already: make that available for those sending comments.

Money has been allocated for this.

5. Larabee Update

Ted: For various reasons, this has slowed. Joe Rowe might take this issue up in the coming months.

Ted will at least write a draft of a letter

6. Bike Share Update

Jessica: Requests that we send a letter of support to City Council, the Project Manager, to PBOT congratulating them on their success and thanking them for sticking with it.

Public process for determining where the stations will go will begin in the spring.

Suggestion: A sentence urging them to move forward on downtown multi-modal transportation project given the addition of 1000 bikes to the system.

SuggestioN: offering to volunteer to help the system.

Possibility of Bikeshare bikelash? Help the city with this.

Jessica volunteers to write the letter and submit for approval, and reach out to Steve emphasizing our availability.

7. Clinton Update

Ted will be out of the loop for a little while, and Alex will now be heading the Clinton Greenway stuff.

Heard through separate channels that we got two diverters (instead of just one) because of the work we put in. Good work!

Invited a staffer and the mayor to ride Clinton this weekend.

Soren: specifically told that the 32nd diverter was considered canceled but because of our lobbying (letters, emails) it was reinstated.

In addition, there's some fixes to the current system, in particular with the barrels.

Suggestions: make a center gap rather than just removing an edge barrel.

Proposal: separate Clinton meeting for recommendations. Alex will organize tihs.

Party planning!

Morning event: after the City Council meeting a few decided to have an informal gathering, pass out donuts, give tips, help make the stressful process of hitting this the first time a little easier.

Gather at 34th.

Stay north of Clinton at 32nd to avoid antagoniing Woodward neighbors.

Sidewalk chalk for marking where bikes could go.

Make signs.

Send some big thank you promotions to City Hall.

Clinton social ride is occurring Monday Jan. 18th, encourage everyone to join in that ride.

8. Removal of 26th bike lane

Actually have a year or two before the bike lanes are removed as PBOT does not plan to repave the roads for a year or two.

Still good for PBOT to hear the anger at the bike lane's removal.

There's a historical record of a lack of support for bike lanes on arterials.

Soren will organize an action focusing on 26th and Powell, will work with Dan on that.

9. Concerns about the 20s bikeway

PBOT wants the 20s bikeway to be a shining example of bike infrastructure, but many decisions along its path strongly favor automobiles at the expense of bike usability.

Some rough examples:

  • Eastmoreland doesn't want traffic calming
  • No diversion north of Alameda
  • Speedbumps, but no diversion
  • Not removing parking
  • No diversion at all until northbound on Stark
  • Concordia voted 19-0 to have diverters over a speedbumps

Soren: some sort of action would be completely appropriate.

Terry: working on an editorial and letters


  • go after Novick.
  • safari ride!
  • large group ride
  • get another mobile whiteboard

How to speed up the process of getting diverters?

Ted: Who are we? Are we sassy and saying this is not good bike infrastructure, or are we saying thank you for the route, here are some things that can make it better?

10. New executive committee member

With Ted going out of town, there's a need for another executive committee member; if we have three executive members one can be out of town. Nominates Jessica. Seconded by Terry (if we were playing Robert Robles rules).

We also have an informal proto-board.

Consensus makes Jessica an executive member, title to be determined.

11. Direction and Focus of BikeLoud after Clinton

Obviously we're still going to keep an eye on Clinton!

List from last month is read by Soren.

How to make infill developments better

Reaching out to other groups

Come May, the infrastructure classes

Make Skidmore more bike friendly

Not overpromising and under-delivering. Avoid letting things fizzle out.

We should pick some things to focus on, and that has been effective. Focusing on Clinton: not only did we get the diverters, but we got the Greenway report.

What direction does the government want to go in, and what can we help them?

(Finish Ankeny)

There is pushback from people that say we are too inner city focused. Meet outside inner city?

12. Assign chairs for next meetings

February: Terry March: Tina (Jim) April: Ted