General Meeting January 11, 2015

1) Report out from Clinton Task Force

  • Read Kari's report out
  • They're looking for volunteers to help out with traffic counts on 1/29, shifts will be 7-9am and 4-6pm, email schlosshauer *at* if interested
  • We'd like bikeloudpdx@googlegroups to get sent the major reports-out
  • Sounds awesome
  • Could involve a diverter that could be funded and build in the fall
  • Who wants to run for the Board of the Richmond Neighborhood Association? There's a possibility that PBOT will install no substantial permanent infrastructure until the Richmond Neighborhood Association Board is more progressive (it's currently quite the opposite).
  • It would be a good idea for us to reach out to the Clinton Social ride folks
  • Sharrow trail or chevron trail - could be a good first step for PBOT - they're pavement markings that show where bikes should locate in the lane to go through a traffic circle

2) Report out from Ankeny Task Force

  • PBOT needs to set up a public meeting to give some input into this
  • Soren wants help canvassing - Roberta, Chris Shaffer talk about it
  • Do we have the counts re: 52nd
  • Need to strategize re: large church near Ankeny. Soren to scope out on Sunday. Ted knows somebody bikey who goes there

3) Report out from Communications Committee

  • Will schedule a meeting
  • Soren is happy to help with setting up web tools or hosting

4) Deciding to give some people Official Speaking For BikeLoudPDX power, to be used judiciously, and only when the circumstances are urgent, making delaying a decision until after significant discussion / a meeting have high costs.

  • The Quintumvirate we arrived on:
    • Soren
    • Roberta
    • Terry
    • Ted
    • Alex

We will set up a little GoogleGroups, exchange contact info, post our contact info on the site.

5) Delegating various things that Alex does

To lead next month's meeting:

  • Emily

6) Asking if anyone would be willing to cross-post our events, etc. to Shift calendar, Shift list, AROW list, email BikePortland with them.

  • Referred to communications committee

7) Discussion of sexism, multitude of allegations of sexual assault/etc. by Hart Noecker, how to create a pro-woman environment in BikeLoudPDX, etc.

  • Ban Hart from group and from all BikeLoudPDX activities. We'd ask him to go away if he came to a ride.
  • If we like what the Shift liftserv comes up with a Code of Conduct, we should adopt it. Roberta to represent us in Shift conversations re: Code of Conduct
  • Tried to actively empower women as leaders in the group

8) Money (short-term)

  • We have no outstanding expenses that Alex is aware of, so we decided to punt on this until after the visioning and strategy session below.

9) Decide on people to attend visioning afternoon with Rex Burkholder facilitating. He asked for 8 people max I believe.

  • Terry
  • Gerald
  • Alex
  • Ted
  • Marsha
  • Emily
  • Seth

In absentia:

  • Kari - are you interested? We'd love to have you.


  • Soren (he's quite busy in February, when this will likely happen)

10) Uber - do we want to express an opinion?

Those interested to write something up and submit it to the FastTrack online approval process through this group. An outline:

  • Require commercial insurance (way more than $25,000 minimum)
  • Require good background checks (better than Uber currently does)
  • Equity (serve all n'hoods)

Original Notes at BikeLoudPDX Google Group (login required)