General Meeting January 29th, 2017


Noon: welcome, introduction

12:10 - State Legislative goals for 2017

Lobbying for new speed limit bill

ODOT reform

Repealing constitutional amendment that gas tax $ must go to highway fund

1:00 - Upcoming conferences- Soren, Jessica, Emily

1:20 - SE Uplift update - Terry D-M

1:40 - Clinton Greenway Assessment letter 2:00 - Adjourn

Meeting Notes

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12:10 - State Legislative goals for 2017

Lobbying for new speed limit bill, ODOT reform, Repealing constitutional amendment that gas tax $ must go to highway fund

Goes to ballot state-wide after a simple legislative majority.

Free up funding

Our asks at Salem:

Have a set percent of Connect Oregon to active transportation.

It felt like our asks were echoed back at us; they're talking about what we've asked for at an open house and in our ride.

The language that works is to talk about this in terms of what it does for people.

Being more flexible in reducing congestion Connecting to climate change and greenhouse gases People in rural Oregon love lowering speed limits in their towns; they love safer streets

Gov. Brown is proposing a different type of transportation bill that we should fight.

  • Freeway expansion
  • No mention of other types of transportation funding.

Increasing bicycle mode share from 2 to 7 percent has been the most effective means of reducing congestion.

Examine the term transportation: right away people think of private automobile. Funding mobility, funding societal mobility. Transportation always talks about highways, adding lanes, private automobile.

Suggestion: might not be able to fight the bill for Oregon City, but could push for congestion pricing. That money could then be marked for active transportation.

Thanks to Dan, Dan, Soren, and particularly Gerald for pushing for the Salem action!

Freight has political weight that needs to be considered, especially at the state level.

If we can make a freeway expansion, another option is freight/transit (bus) only lane.

Carpooling isn't effective in Portland; the carpool network is far too limited.

We can't wait until February meeting because legislative session is coming soon. We need to come up with approaches/actions.

What do we want to do?

Soren and Dan Kaufman will have a working group in early February.

Speed limit bill: allows cities/counties to set their own speed limits.

Ally ourselves with City Hall on the speed limit issue.

* Lobby local representatives
* Target people that are on the fence or vulnerable 

Could turn into a partisan issue. There are a lot of

Quick vote to throw our support behind this bill? Passes.

Need to find out which committee this will go to.

Working Group: We'll reach out and then see what we want to do, schedule meeting.

ODOT Reform:

Speed is number one issue for ODOT reform Metrics for safety; starting to see

Table ODOT Reform to the working group discussion.

ODOT reform can happen outside of legislative session.

1:00 - Upcoming conferences- Soren, Jessica, Emily

OATS is happening again! Emily is on a panel this year.

What sort of direct action will we do this year? Last year we gave out a flier stating that there are many things in Portland that need to be improved. Last minute, not as comprehensive as it could have been.

March 20th.

There are a lot of directions we could take.

At the zoo.

Bar for media attention.

Change the mood of the event from patting backs to urgency; disrupt complacency, rather than try to make a political point or target particular individuals.

Other ideas to be considered; who is going, who's thinking about going?

1:20 - SE Uplift update - Terry D-M

Between 60th and 205.

A 3-page spreadsheet for SEUL, including every project and every bikeway gap. Whether it's funded, not funded, and right now the ask for SEUL is to prioritize the next major project that we want to build.

60s bikeway is the next project Terry hopes SEUL

19th greenway has a major gap. Not expensive, promised every year.

Prioritize design of Reed Way Overpass. Wonderful overpass, make sure they give us ramps.

Truck and bike route conflict in Brookyln; add a streetlight.

16th Greenway stops; finish it.

There are all of these little bits and pieces.

Overall endorsement

Finishing the Teens bikeway, and finishing the 60s greenway.

Asking for volunteers: diversion by default and the design standards for the TSP.

Goal is to give PBOT policy.

Policy is important because it lets PBOT make unpopular decisions.

Often get criticism for only focusing on inner Portland. The greenway network quickly peters out as you head east. Take the improvements on Clinton to the rest of the network.

1:40 - Clinton Greenway Assessment letter

Tabled to the Google Group as we are out of time.

2:00 - Adjourn

Winter maintenance letter is to be drafted by Ted.

Next meeting: Jessica chairing, a Sunday in February