General Meeting July 10th, 2016

Meeting notes


  • 14 present

Pedalpalooza Events Wrapup

No more 4-lane roads ride

Could have reached out to the city

20s Bikeway also would have appreciated a city presence.

Some positives:

  • Signs were effective
  • Postcards effective
  • All the rides went well, and there were a lot of them!

Some things that could have been better:

  • No media presence
  • No city presence
  • Lots of last-second outreach.
  • Better job of reaching out to people who are new.

Transport your activism ride? Ted not here yet.

Clinton update.

Jessica went to the Clinton Advisory Committee meeting as our representative.

People who were concerned were mostly concerned about the effects on the side street.

PBOT has done an extensive traffic study of Clinton and surrounding streets.

  • Clinton has had reduced traffic
  • But not reduced speeds
  • Side streets have seen an uptick
  • Still one spot on Clinton with >2000 cars (2005)

Would PBOT move Clinton to 20 mph if there were 1999? Not quite.

PBOT did do counts during the school year.

26-39th wasn't even close to 20mph. Not sure what they're doing with that diverter. Do we change it?

Diverter on 32nd was still well over 50% but lowest of the three projects.

This meeting was a presentation of data and an opportunity to propose additional data/questions.

Next meeting will start suggesting solutions.

If there are over a certain number (~150) cars in a rush hour period and there are complaints about that stretch, PBOT looks at trying to fix it.

Q: What about people driving around the barriers?

PBOT: Scofflaws are going to happen.

PBOT: Uncomfortable with middle dividers preventing passing

PBOT: Width of street related to acceptable traffic metric

Greenway Report; we want to change two numbers; the 1000 cars a day limit.

Consider the width of the street when accounting for volume.

Timur meeting: Ted

We think Clinton is more or less done, we want to move on to other streets.

Put speed humps on some problem streets and this will kick the counts to a point at which they can lower the speed limit to 20.

To add new diverters, from PBOT's perspective, requires as much effort as the first set of diverters. Many neighbors want more diverters. We'll be meeting with some of these Clinton neighbors later this month.

Phase 2:

Need to do something about the crossing at 50th.

Diverter that they wanted to put at 12th/Clinton for car safety, was put on hold.

Do something about cars pulling out in the process of dodging the 17th diverter

What should we do, draft a message?

Using lots of time. Take it to the Google group and perhaps the Clinton subgroup, put it on agenda next month.

Member outreach

Got emails and will send a welcome email.

Facebook is getting more variety but the mailing list is most of the same people.

Did we ever get the "Take action" page up? Yes.

Suggestion: A separate meetup with a low barrier to entry.

Membership-based organizations; a fee. The ability to say they are a member and have that mean something.

Go home and think about this and will discuss next meeting.

Social Media discussion

Soren thinks we should make our facebook community page open to anyone and just monitor it for spam. We have two facebook sites, the more public facing one is not very active.

Worry about the perception created by aggressive posts that aren't the admins/main community. Solution: post more often.

Makes more sense to have one page for this.

Will make it public until the next meeting and then re-assess.

Pen a letter about Sunday Parkways and our problems with




Zane: 250$ total.

(bandanas: 130$, Zane is covering)

Stickers were how we got people to our tent at Sunday Parkways

Make them reflective? Cost more.

Spoke cards were good for Pedalpalooza.

Portland For Everyone

Make housing affordable for everyone

Decisions coming up in the next 18 months or so, following the Comp plan

  • Residential Infill project
  • Mult-family zoning project
  • Mixed use zones project.

And more, that are going to have a huge impact on how Portland is organized.

NBAs representing largely middle class college-educated homeowners, are pushing back against progressive policies.

It is difficult to push back against these forces. If we can demonstrate a lot of support for our positions, then we can persuade elected officials to do the right thing.

The link between transportation and land use. Higher density results in better transportation systems.

Endorsement handed out.

Portland For Everyone was able to endorse a statement for shoupistas on parking.

Focus is to build a coalition with which to influence policy.

Asking us for an endorsement.



The city's code requirements do not currently provide for a lot of bike parking on large condos.

Does the residential infill project have anything to say about bike parking?

The residential infill project is not for multi-unit housing.

Side note: What made it ineffective to go to Salem previously: the day before arrival was the Virginia Tech shooting.

Salem ride

We're going to do a practice ride after the meeting.

  • First part of the Salem ride, including the worst hills
  • Dinner stop partway through


4:00, but we have the room to 4:30

Last couple of weeks, things are coming together. We got interviewed by bikeportland. We have a list of people attending. Posts to various calendars, sites.

Based on Charlie's advice, probably not going to do waivers.

Planning on using Zane's van, and Soren is looking into getting a truck with capacity for multiple bicycles.

Should we bring our own food and water? Should we meet you halfway?

What we tell people is to reach out to us for more information, and then we say food stop at fred meyeer, etc.

2-3 short stops (bathroom breaks). Mostly flat.

We will send an email to the already interested people. Other posts will feature the email address.

We intend to post the route publicly.

Bigger picture; this is our first ride, Dan wants to do it during Legislative Days in September. You can talk to your legistlators during that period.

Shouldn't promise a ride-tracker, but could be an option.

Reaching out to other groups; a bit late to invite them now, but may invite them to the September event and mention this next weekend.

Transition to Rally:

Rally should be just as important/more important than the ride, but the ride is an ordeal.

Plan for the rally.

Mixing in good things from past events, the rally at city hall, the die-in, the

Music playing before the rally

15 minutes: Welcome Problem/solution (Soren) Others Call to action: Emily

10 minutes: Open mic, chalk art

15 minutes: March around ODOT or to Capitol

10 minutes: wrap up and motivation - Ted.

Adjourn to dinner


  • Separate meeting for people speaking.
  • Find a venue for dinner - Ted
  • Press release to get some coverage in Salem

Deadline for RSVPing? Was going to be Monday, but EventBrite invite went out this morning.

Push it to Wednesday?

Ted: It's a very fun ride.

Live social media presence. Having a couple people dedicated to it.

Come up with a hashtag for it. Should personally contact BikePortland.