General Meeting July 12, 2015

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Meeting Notes

From Tom McTighe Discussion at BikeLoudPDX Google Group (login required)

BikeLoud meeting notes, July 12, 2015 (No one sure of meeting leader’s whereabouts.Going forward, meeting leader should give their phone number to a few people who will be at the meeting, keep phone on, in case something comes up.)

EMILY: Timer for meeting. (25 people showed up - we must respect their time. When there are many agenda items, or lots of people attending, the meeting leader needs to gently interrupt people who talk too long or off-topic. Perhaps we can have a social after every meeting for those who wish to have off-topic conversations. Perhaps limit comments to one minute each, to keep things on track. Leader can briefly review ground rules at meeting start.)

(Amy led first half of meeting) SOREN: Direct action was successful, what next? EMILY: Focus on bikes DAN: Broaden beyond bikes SOREN: We should have a celebration event DAN: Death Toll Memorial ride coming up

(Decided Emily will lead August meeting) (Ted led second half of meeting) TED: Chairs will set up a Doodle poll to determine best days of week for meetings TED: Met with BTA. We should meet with PBOT again. SOREN: Need a Safer Clinton meeting, to discuss getting neighborhood support for diverters. CHRIS: Going St., PBOT will add logs, we need to identify residents who would support the request. ALAN: Met with police traffic captain Kelli Sheffer, they’re open to helping calm traffic on Clinton (!). SOREN: We should meet with Sheffer again. MARSHA: Need a meeting place - Bike Farm? A library? ANGEL: Who, what, where, when of meeting ought to be published a week in advance on website, list, calendar, Facebook. (Communications team needs a process for quick, accurate updates) AMY, TOM, ROY: Can help with communications (Chris already on board, Roberta taking a break for now. Also ought to ask Will)

(Newsletter idea: Might help keep interested people informed, but would need an editor, maintenance plan, committed contributors, or it might fizzle and reflect poorly on the group. Communications team will explore the idea.)

JIMMY: KBOO upcoming Wednesdays, vision zero shows

EMILY: We need a code of conduct AMY: Conference Code of Conduct ANGEL: It should say what we do want to see, not just what we don’t SOREN: Who are our ambassadors? Who’s a member? AMY: How to lead a ride

TED, MARSHA: Will give us options for bank account, organization: 501c3, using Umbrella, something else.



3:00 - Introductions & check in

3:10 Activities and Actions Last month's activities – recap and evaluation

  • Safe Streets Rally & City Hall Public Comment – Gerald Fitipaldi (out of town) (~10 mins)
  • Rides – Downgrade, Transport Your Activism, 80s Greenway.
  • Direct Action – Burnside Memorial (Soren Impey), Its Just An Accident (Soren), June 30 body cound (Dan Kaufman)
  • Radio Interviews, 2 with Roberta Robles (~5 mins)

3:30 Upcoming activities – (~20 mins)

  • July Body Count (Dan, Soren, others?)
  • Rides?
  • direct action?

3:50 Projects, report and upcoming plans –

Neighborhood Greenways:

  • Clinton St. Diverters, Novick's office promises mitigation, report and plans, ? Selfies? (Joel Thomas)
  • Going St. Diverters, Concordia Neighborhood Association endorses. Chris Anderson?
  • Rodney – Diverter Open House is Monday July 13, 5:30 – 7:00, St. Phillip The Deacon, Rodney and Knott. (~10)
  • Other Temporary Diverters (Ankeny) –
  • Other Districts – East Portland, SW? Terry Dublinski-Milton (~5 mins)

4:10 – Update from Co-Chairs, Ted Buehler and Emily Guise

  • Meeting with BTA,
  • Other outreach

4:15 -- Communications

  • email list for newsletter
  • newsletter development
  • other communications?

4:25 – Organizational Development (30 mins)

  • Code of Conduct development, Roberta Robles and Emily Guise. (~5 mins)
  • public benefit corporation plans, Ted Buehler and Marsha Hanchrow, (5)
  • 501(c)4 / PAC discussion, committee? Joe Rowe (~8 mins)
  • mission statement -- update -- committee? (~2 mins)
  • process and procedure – how to have an event endorsed by BikeLoud, review, Ted Buehler (~5 mins)

4:55 Upcoming meetings – August meeting – evening potluck and 1 yr anniversary social? – Emily Guise

5:00 -- Adjourn