General Meeting July 17th, 2017

BikeLoudPDX July 2017 general meeting Location: Ventura Park (East Portland) July 17, 6:30-8:30 pm


  • 13 in attendance

Nominating Catie Gould as a co-chair

  • Jessica is taking an extended sabbatical as co-chair; there is enough work for 3+ co-chairs, Ted and Emily would like to have help while Jessica is absent
  • Ted and Emily nominated Catie to be a co-chair to fill Jessica’s place
  • Nomination accepted
  • Catie introduced herself
  • Ted suggests that we should reopen the “board of directors” topic (which was broached, then tabled, 15 months ago) to get more motivated, dedicated members in leadership roles
  • Side note: we need to write by-laws for the organization (there are templates we can use)
  • Soren moves we nominate Catie as co-chair, Dan G seconds, unanimous
  • Soren will look into our bylaws to make sure there aren’t technicalities hindering Catie’s nomination (e.g. a waiting period)

Emily: Naito Parkways protected bike lanes

  • Presented letter that supports letter sent by Pearl District Neighborhood Association and the Northwest District Association, requesting that Naito between NW 9th to Steel Bridge be added to TSP project #20070 (enhancing existing buffered bike lanes to protected bike lanes)
  • Jessica moves we send the letter, Ted seconds
  • Passes unanimously

Jessica: Taking a break as co-chair

  • To provide more time to work on another project (rural revitalization, details to be announced when the project is ready for public release), Jessica is taking an extended sabbatical as co-chair of BikeLoud (she may/may not return depending on how the project develops). Her last day as co-chair is Friday, July 21.
  • Here is the list of active projects, responsibilities, relationships, etc that Jessica is involved with and would like to pass on to other members:

Connections with other organizations

  • - Tofu Buns Dumplings Ride reprise
  • - Outer Division
  • People with Disabilities
  • - Adaptive Bikes Trikes Tandems Ride reprise
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • - SE Uplift
  • - HAND

Social Media

  • Website: updating "Take Action” page
  • Posting surveys, etc to google group, Facebook community page
  • Pedalpalooza: organizing BikeLoud participation & advertising

City Plans

  • TSP Stage 3
  • Central City 2035 Plan
  • “Greenway Report v2.0”

Specific Projects

  • Crossings on Greenways (where greenways cross arterial streets)
  • Speed bumps on Greenways (getting rid of/preventing their installation)
  • "No More Four-Lane Roads" (as a city policy)
  • Better Naito (installation of a permanent facility)
  • Bus lanes for emergency vehicles (& freight?)
  • Outer Division

Daniel: Connecting with Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Association

  • Aug 14: PGNA meeting; would like a BikeLoud member to present at the meeting to talk about the group (7-9:30)
  • Emily and Dan G, Jenya volunteer

Daniel: Outer NE Sunday Parkways

  • Coming up in August 20; Dan wants to make sure we participate
  • Dan, Soren volunteer to help
  • Emily, EJ, Gerald, Catie, Elizabeth, Jessica are “maybe”s
  • We will put this out to the google group/facebook page as well
  • Soren will get this sorted out with Phil B (volunteer coordinator)
  • Elizabeth: recommends as an action item to push for: planned E Portland Greenways haven’t even been started (partially due to unimproved roads along the route); also lack of sidewalks near transit (Elizabeth questions the city’s priorities re: which sidewalks to add first w/gas tax funds)
  • Soren: we have the minimum of 4 volunteers, so we will be also volunteering at Inner NE Sunday Parkways (this weekend)

Ted: Communications

  • Jenya (Ped PDX committee member) can provide BikeLoud with liaison info
  • Dan G volunteer to help populate the calendar
  • Emily, EJ volunteer to help with keeping website up to date (need training)

Other business:

  • Soren: Transportation System Development Charges (City Council hearing occurring September 13; We should organize people to show up and support using funding for active transportation (Soren will post online))
  • Ted: Ghost bikes (Proposal for putting ghost bike up at ODOT for woman who died while cycling in Central Oregon recently; some discussion about whether the situation is appropriate (given crash details), conclusion that we shouldn’t on this occasion; also, Request from family for ghost bike for woman killed at Mt Scott)
  • Catie: PBOT’s bike corral survey (Catie created stickers to put on bike corrals with info on how to contact PBOT when a bike rack is full (as part of PBOT’s bike corral survey project); please distribute)
  • Marsha: Emphasizes need to come up with money solutions (reimbursements, etc)

e.g. Go fund me page

  • Catie: Portland Traffic and Transportation class registration is open!
  • Soren: Hook-collision letter is completed; going to repost on Google Group and Facebook page