General Meeting March 13th, 2016


2:00 Introductions and Exchange of Pleasantries

2:05 Safer Ankeny Letter (Soren)

2:10 Interstate Avenue Letter Update (Ted)

2:15 Updates from the Chairs (Ted, Emily, Jessica, Soren)

2:25 Communication Committee Update (Emily)

2:30 Direct Action Update (Soren)

2:35 Oregon Active Transportation Summit Protest

2:45 20s Bikeway Update

2:55 5 minutes overflow space

3:00 5 minute break

3:05 Board Structure, Purpose, Powers

Hear proposal from the co-chairs and deliberate on roles and responsibilities.

3:30 Deciding on the Election Process

  • Term limits
  • Location requirements
  • Other details

3:50 Opportunity to Volunteer or Nominate Board Members

4:00 (or whenever; we have the space until 4:30) Close

BikeLoud General Meeting Notes 3/13/2016

SAFER ANKENY UPDATE - SOREN speed bumps b/w 12 & 20th, 14 foot ones diverter at 15th & ankeny safer ankeny subgroup met last sunday soren will write letter with suggestions for PBOT, wishlist of things to fund part of central eastside changes can still join subgroup- email Soren to join outreach will happen in next month, similar to process for clinton soren made clear that we do not want to have last-minute changes like on Clinton will add bollards to top of current diverter at 20th safer ankeny will have another meeting, will start strategizing on communication and outreach for supporters need to promote positive outreach- will have website quite a lot of support for the diverters and traffic calming from neighbors Sheila Parrot is new PBOT hire, has a couple hundred thousand for small projects diverter design is not final, but currently is a diagonal. Diverter will be trial at beginning, but will almost certainly be permanent Placement of diverters not determined yet- will need input

INTERSTATE LETTER UPDATE - TED PBOT is going to with option C which was BikeLoud's preferred option Ted suggests still pushing for posts on buffer on right hand lane as well as YIELD to BIKES where the crossing happens members at meeting expressed desire for more protection, felt this design doesn't go far enough design is still only paint, probably won't be updated again after this will be re-striped when the lane is being resurfaced, may not be until 2016 or 2017. Date not firm

UPDATES FROM BIKELOUD CHAIRS Jessica- working on TSP, as a NA board member and BikeLoud member. Held TSP meeting last week. Working on Central City plan currently. Encourages all members to visit Central City 2035 plan website and comment. March 31st is the last day to comment. March 21st is last day to comment on second draft as TSP. Attending OR Active Transportation Conference tomorrow (3/14) Emily - Represented BikeLoud at ODOT Bike Plan meeting, recent Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting and Better Block kickoff. Working on pulling together parking reform presentation with Tony Jordan. Attending OR Active Transportation Conference and meeting about possible greenway on NE 7th tomorrow. Ted- has been away in Thailand, updates on Clinton diverter review (including BL as a stakeholder on committee), Rodney diverter will be made permanent soon. Attending OR Active Transportation Conference Soren - direction action update: safer ankeny, safer powell ride on March 20 to protest Powell's dangerous nature. Would like to do action-oriented events at least once a month. Wants to form rapid reaction group for direct action. Group of trusted people to get together & respond and also plan events. Designated media people, event planners, ride leaders, event managers. Soren would like to co-ordinate more events with PDX Transformation. Wants to plan another rally- more dedicated funding for bike/ped projects? or pro-greenway rally? Date around Pedalpalooza again.

20s GREENWAY Emily attended BAC as BikeLoud member and Terry attended as SEUL member to advocate for changes to 20s greenway, as outlined in SEUL letter TSP stage 3 is design. in SW focus on peak hourly travel at beginning/end of greenways. East Portland doesn't need it as much on the outer parts as suburban planning patterns have built-in diversion. Need diversion on inner-neighborhood greenways as matter of fact, since it is a grid. Ted spoke to Rich Newlands about greenways, diverters in 20s lacked demonstrable support from immediate neighbors around diverter locations, NE Prescott and 32nd, NE Killingsworth and 32nd. Also the volume counts did not meet greenway report standards. Group trying to shut down Foster road diet, keep eye on what they’re doing


Discussion of disciplinary action. A member has been sent a letter about code of multiple conduct concerns. The member has refused to meet with chairs to discuss the issue and has denied code of conduct violations. Chairs continuing to monitor situation, will take further sanctions if necessary.

DISCUSSION OF RULES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE BOARD current co-chairs/soren are overwhelmed by amount of things to do, want to empower other members to take action and share the workload and to give them chance to participate more would be 2/3rd majority vote for board to approve things see last meeting notes for what was decided for board currently incorporated not as member organization but as public benefit w/ board. according to OR law, board can do whatever it wants. so important to set up these bylaws to govern board’s action proposal of member duties and responsibilities handed out (full text below):

BikeLoudPDX board member duties and responsibilities -- Proposal

Responsibilities: Attend general monthly meetings (attendance rate of two-thirds or better, i.e. 8 meetings a year). If missed more meetings, board will bring it up to that board member. Attend additional board meetings (approx. once per month; attendance rate of two-thirds or better). Meetings may be online. Keep up with BikeLoudPDX google group to the best of his/her ability Participate in board votes, whether online or at meetings, within 48 hours (participation rate of three-quarters or better) When representing BikeLoudPDX, cast votes and express opinions as how he/she believes will be best for Portland cycling overall (and not just personal benefit). Stay on top of group and personal emails, and provide a “leave of absence” when unable to do so for longer than 72hrs due to vacation, technological issues, etc.

Duties: When anyone (BikeLoudPDX member or non-member) has a proposal for a BikeLoudPDX action/stance regarding an issue, that is too time-sensitive to discuss at a general meeting, and makes an official request for action, the board should vote on whether or not to address the issue. If the vote is in favor (⅔ or more), it is the board’s responsibility to either take on the issue themselves, or delegate it out to another BikeLoudPDX member, or form a subcommittee. When any such proposals for BikeLoudPDX action/stance are discussed at the general meeting but a vote is not reached (due to insufficient time, requests for clarification/additional follow-up, or a lack of interest from those in attendance), general members can vote to allow the board to further discuss and vote at a later date. Volunteer to head up/manage projects, proposals, sub-committees as needed and as able. Attend events, rallies, additional meetings as able.

Election Cycle: Board positions are for one year, April general meeting to April general meeting. Board members may step down from their position at any time. Board members can be re-elected an unlimited number of times. Potential board members may be added to fill any vacancies at any time; they will fill out the remainder of the cycle and then face re-election in April. Board will ideally have 7-9 members at any time. This number can be readjusted as required by future needs. If the number ever falls to below 4, an emergency election will be called, at which time a discussion about whether to dissolve the board and return to the “director model” can occur. Numbers are at large and include co-chairs. Election to the board requires ¾ vote in favor by the general voting populace to be elected or removed “General voting populace” is defined as anyone who has attended at least two BikeLoudPDX meetings in person (at least one of which should be a general meeting). Votes to elect/remove board members will take place at general meetings (in the case of a major violation of the code of conduct, an emergency meeting can be convened for a removal vote by the general voting populace; such a meeting requires at least 24hrs notice) Candidates for the board are to submit a self-introduction and description of qualifications to the google group at least one week before being elected. Further good-spirited campaigning is allowed; Code of Conduct still applies. Board meetings are open to the public, will be announced.

We’re doing this board organization to help group operate more efficiently and distribute workload so burnout doesn’t happen when BikeLoud was incorporated, officially gave up consensus model (according to law) although we have still been using it in practice Current co-chairs would become executive committee of the board Terry doesn't want to get hung up on the size of the board, wants to keep it flexible Adam thinks keeping current board on for another year to have continuity board would be especially responsible for writing/finalizing letters and deciding which projects to take on/keep up revise the proposal process (voted that board will bring proposal for how to change process) how to vote? paper ballots, online (survey monkey, google survey?) need to make a decision and publish what is decided. unanimous vote to hold elections at April meeting END OF MEETING

Ted will be the chair for April 10

Emily will be the chair for May 15