General Meeting March 26th, 2017


1:00 Introductions

1:10 Oregon Active Transportation Summit recap

1:15 TriMet board meeting recap

1:20 Proposal: respond to Burnside Bridge construction plans

1:40 Discussion: NE Multnomah bike lane preferred treatments

1:50 Discussion: Dan Saltman Q&A

2:00 Break

2:10 Greenway Report V2.0

2:15 Proposal: ghost bike program

2:25 Proposal: increased BikeLoudPDX involvement in the BPS/PBOT "Better Homes By Design" stakeholder group

2:40 Discussion: how to proceed with Outer Division

2:50 Legislative session update

3:00 Meeting adjourned

Oregon Active Transportation Summit recap

  • Provided overview of breakout sessions members attended

TriMet board meeting recap

  • Discussed event, issues pulling it together, reviewed actual testimony event (and McFarlane’s response)
  • Discussed post-testimony follow-up with the Portland Business Alliance
  • We decided to table the conversation about the Rose Quarter (discussing pros vs cons)

Proposal: respond to Burnside Bridge construction plans

  • Issue: during almost two-year Burnside Bridge construction, peds and bikes are to share a narrow space, vehicles get one lane westbound, two lanes eastbound
  • Soren is going to Buckman, Kerns neighborhood associations about concerns about space allocation (giving bikes dedicated space)
  • Other concern: What will the bridge look like post-construction? Discussion tabled to next meeting
  • Soren to represent BikeLoudPDX at neighborhood associations: current pedestrian and bicycle facilities on bridge during construction are insufficient

Discussion: NE Multnomah bike lane preferred treatments

  • Possible plans are out for permanent protected bike lanes, but not public (have been seen by a small number of members)
  • Will table further discussion to next meeting after they’ve been reviewed by a small group

Discussion: Dan Saltman Q&A

  • PBOT commissioner Saltzman attended a Q&A with Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees
  • Issues with some of the answers given
  • Rose Quarter
  • Jurisdictional transfer of Powell, etc
  • Biketown: said it’s been a success, but he still doesn’t want the city to fund it (we would like to see the city fund it… or better, TriMet… as the city’s only 24/7 public transit)
  • Did not seem to know about “20 is Plenty” and a citywide maximum speed limit effort
  • Good things: said we need more separated bike facilities, considers himself an interested by concerned bike rider
  • Soren writing draft letter in response to his comments (will post for feedback)
  • Emily will invite Commissioner Saltzman to a meeting with BikeLoud

Greenway Report V2.0

  • Skipped (not much to update)

Proposal: ghost bike program

  • Instead of having ghost bike program over the place, having to get permission of neighbors, family, etc, preemptively make ghost bikes, store somewhere, and put bikes at ODOT/PBOT building within 12 hrs of a fatality
  • Discussion about family response, etc, but plus side is that the speed of response helps negate problem of “who was killed” and “under what circumstances.”
  • Decided don’t put name on bike, but maybe intersection, cause of crash (e.g. speed)?
  • No opposition to idea, but further discussion about details pending
  • Took volunteers to get, paint, find storage for bikes

Proposal: increased BikeLoudPDX involvement in the BPS/PBOT "Better Homes By Design" stakeholder group

  • Soren is representing a tenants’ union on a stakeholder group looking at multifamily housing in Portland (city-lead endeavor)
  • East Portland focus: has extreme needs, and also different needs than other parts of city
  • Rosewood Initiative, EPAP, APANO some other groups involved
  • Hasn’t been much of a discussion on transportation
  • Goal: create design guidelines to incentivize active transportation links within megablocks
  • Currently no one really pushing for active transportation design at these meetings (although community interest is there)
  • Encouraging BikeLoud members to attend these meetings, and state affiliation, support APANO/Rosewood
  • Breaking up mega-blocks? Making SDCs go into the neighborhood that provided them?

Discussion: how to proceed with Outer Division

  • Additional crashes recently (not fatal) car vs ped
  • BikeLoud and personal social media to bring attention to issue
  • Jessica will write a letter re Outer Division (speed reduction probably prevented these crashes from being fatalities, but a street redesign probably would have prevented the crashes: safer cross-section > safer crossings)

Legislative session update

  • A lot of bills we like stuck in committee, ones we don’t like moving forward
  • Soren going to be in Salem for lobby day in April 12th
  • HB2597 (increases penalties for phones while driving), SB2 (similar) moving forward
  • Vision Zero commission has a work session and public session (this weds morning)

Additional topics

  • PBOT and Waze -- Going to talk about this online (urgent online action possible)
  • Discussed Corvallis transportation with a visitor (Corvallis Right of Way: CROW)