General Meeting March 8, 2015

server will be moved from go daddy to another server- will cost $37.50. will pass hat at next meeting

  • Have a Google Voice number for media contacts. It goes straight to voicemail, and each of the 5 media contacts gets a notification with the message in it so they can answer. Anyone can call it.
  • Directory
Gerald passed around rough directory of members- phone, email, neighborhood.
  • Not for public use- for members to contact each other. In future will be on website and password-protected

Clinton Infrastructure Safari Update

  • This is a ride to go over the new infrastructure installed as part of the Orange Line. Roger Gellar from PBOT and Jeff Owen from Trimet will be attending.
  • Will cover inner eastside from Clinton/12th to Tillikum Bridge
  • * Betsy Reese and Jessica Engleman leading, Emily Guise helping to plan
  • * Will share likes and concerns with Roger and Jeff
  • * date TBA- in next month

Meeting with PBOT

  • Jessica and Terry met with PBOT about traffic calming on Clinton
  • They wanted ideas for short term fixes, don’t want to do anything before release of Greenways Report
  • BikeLoud pushing for diversion between 21st- 28th, PBOT is ok but wants to do more study before installing
  • PBOT wants BikeLoud to help get businesses on board with the diverters (which we should really be calling traffic calming because people respond negatively to word “diverters” but feel positive about “traffic calming”)
  • In short term PBOT wants to put up signs
  • Ideas: Kids at Play, Bikes May Use Fully Lane, Slow, Yield to Bikes
  • Jessica will give list of signs we like to PBOT
  • Official greenway signs TBD by PBOT, again waiting for Greenways Report
  • Idea for traffic calming at 21st & Clinton- make it look like what was just done on 52nd & Division, which is Buses and Bikes Only
  • Could be done as part of 20s Bikeway plan- need to get businesses on board
  • Leverage existing relationships between businesses on Clinton, find out who is bike-friendly and who is not and build consensus
  • Bikes = business
  • Jessica, Alex, Jim, Soren interested in business outread
  • Margi at PBOT also wants to do outreach about greenways to high schoolers who can’t drive yet
  • Jessica and Terry will send follow-up email to PBOT with feedback about signs

Visioning Meeting

  • (Alex, Emily, Marsha, Gerald, Ted, Terry people met with Rex Burkholder, co-founder of BTA, former Metro Councilor, current consultant about starting and keeping an activist organization going
  • leaning toward 501 (c)3 designation
  • Priorities for next year include creating organization, communication and outreach, do fun stuff
  • Marsha, Ted, Soren, Seth, Rex will meet up with Charley Gee from Umbrella about Umbrella being a fiscal sponsor. We wouldn’t take in large amounts of money, will be mostly volunteer-driven, but this is just for operating expenses (website, postage, permits, signs for protests, etc)
  • Need to finalize 1 year plan
  • Need to be louder?
  • Need to have economic structure to help solidify group
  • Will look into babysitting during meetings in future for parents to be able to attend
  • Will buy Rex a beer during meeting with Charley to say thanks (he did this workshop for free)

Oregon Active Transportation Summit

  • Happening in Portland March 30-31
  • Ted will be going
  • It’s good for networking, all local agencies will be there
  • Good professional training and lots of technical knowledge shared
  • Also free rides that anyone can sign up for here (scroll down)

Sharrow Education Plan

  • Need to do more work

Barbur Die-In

  • Alex is looking for more volunteers. The idea is to have get a protest ready so if someone is severely injured or dies on while using Barbur, we can be ready within a day or so to respond


Comp Plan

The big plan for the city use
  • deadline is 3/13, has 2k comments yet
  • Terry will draft email, Alex will send to city
  • Basically we are recommending 2/3 of $$ should go to outer PDX, 1/3 to inner PDX
  • Gerald will send out google doc for people to help edit

Next meeting

Gerald will chair in April
  • Terry will chair in June
  • Need someone for May

Original Notes at BikeLoudPDX Google Group (login required)