General Meeting May 22nd, 2017


19 present

Clinton and 50th Safety


Legislative Updates

General strong disapproval of bike tax. Other reasons to oppose the bill.

What action do we wish to take?

No action? Fully against? Conditional Approval.

Tire tax? Any tires that you purchase: bicycles, car wheels. General maintenance.

Some energy around a snarky response.

Bring up that there are chronic funding issues because of bad rules. This works

Tax all vehicles (exception for wheelchairs)

Conclusion: general opposition, a letter writing committee will work on this.

Adam, Roberta, Emily, Terry

Legislative update

Possibly dead:

Tracking officer-initiated stops: stuck in committee.

Vision Zero bill: stuck in committee.

Moving forward:

  • An extension of the move over law
  • Using existing red light infrastructure to issue tickets for speeding
  • Authorize Portland to designate speed 5 mph lower than statutory speed when in a residential district.
  • Powell sign is dead, work done through other means.
  • The distracted driving bill might be dead.

Diversion by Default

After Clinton: do we want to have this discussion every time, or do we want to have policy?

Design standards: where we can put in our two cents.

There should be policy that every single time a street that is designated as a local access bikeway that crosses a collector, a corridor, or a civic corridor, there would have to be a diverter built.

Apply to new construction, retrofit, or if the neighborhood decides to put a temporary one up (crowdsourcing)

This would be design standards for greenways.

Inner pattern neighborhood vs. east Portland. Harder to put diverters with cul-de-sacs. Ask city to add stuff

Combines 3 different projects

  • Greenway Report 2.0, Greenway report from two years ago, and new way of thinking about how we build our greenways
  • Diversion by default.
  • TSP Stage 3 testimony

These all need to be done, probably done by the same people, and done without conflicting with each other.

Who wants to work on this set of documents?

Ted, Jessica, Emily, Terry, Catie, Soren, Will, Phil, Marsha, Dan

Pedalpalooza: Rose Quarter protest event and letter

Scheduled Monday, two weeks from today, meet at 4:30 ride at 5.

Protest the transportation budget. Draft letter sent out yesterday and received edits.

Hope to communicate that we don't need more lanes through there and our opposition.

Q: Messaging, how do we get word out? Pitch an article to BikePortland?

We don't want the widening. Multiple layers of expansion.

Alternate view: Rose Quarter project is complex.

What if traffic is already stopped?

What is the alternative; for half of this price we could make bicycling so attractive in much of the city.

Incorporating the climate action plan.

Large capital improvement projects should be a no go because we can't afford to maintain what we already have.

Critical mass ride? This is contrary to the stated goals of this region for transportation, for environmental (air quality concerns), but most importantly for climate change. Work with Rising Tide, 350pdx, possibly other groups.

This is a bill that subsidizes fossil fuel use.

This isn't just about the Rose Quarter. It's an area of focus in this direction.

This borders on greater politics.

Volunteers to help

Ted, Emily, Catie, Soren, Roberta, Phil

Have release letter, have press release letter. Same mechanism for the ODOT die-in. Roberta will get on the phone to get media out at your ride.

Vote for ride support has already been done.

Pedalpalooza: Ride update

12 rides that are official BikeLoud rides

2 more rides we're trying to pull together but don't quite have a date/time.

2 big ones are the Rose Quarter ride and the Jazz Funeral ride in the middle.

No more 4 lane roads.

There are facebook events on the BikeLoudPDX facebook page, please invite your friends!

Historically we've been terrible at social media. Take the time to 'like' the events and posts.

Inviting your friends gets people interested in coming.

If you're interested in helping.

We showed up early last year with stickers. We can always use help passing things out! It's a good way to talk to people. Now we have business cards, too!

Emily will set up something for collecting funds.

More comfort if instead of taking 20$ from people we can point people to a link. Not comfortable with a fundraising campaign.

Interested in working on stickers/other swag

Catie, Tim

Adaptive Ride

There hasn't been an adaptive ride before, but it still needs organization. There are a few plans in work, please talk to Jessica if you have any leads.

Personal request from Jessica: there are 50 fewer rides this year. There's a 'how to lead a ride' ride coming soon. Please think about leading a ride!

Transportation Discussion

A good conversation was had with many opinions shared respectfully.


Write a letter to get a representative

Possibly Dan

Talk about this online.


If you can make it to the top of the cemetary you can ride traffic free. If they cut that off to bikes permanently it's a negative impact.

Read the BikePortland article.

Nominate Phil+Tim to reach out to the cemetary representing BikeLoud saying we want to work through this.

July meeting

Ted will chair!