General Meeting May 3, 2015

Sun May 3rd from 4:15 to 5:15ish at the Bike Farm:

Leader/Timekeeper: Soren Notes: Jim

1810 NE 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97212,-122.66421&spn=0.004599,0.009978&cid=10103489957469136033&t=h&z=17&iwloc=A

Advocacy and activism

1. Jennifer, Soren, Ted:. Planning for Sunday Parkways. -- 15 min

  • Pick intersection.
  • Volunteer sign-up/coordination for May 10 Sun Parkway.
  • Discuss future Sunday Parkways.

2. Update and discussion of Clinton Greenway celebration and Clinton Greenway rides. 10 min?

3. Update on Bike Safari and possible planning of additional Bike Safaris. -- 10 mins

  • Terry: Advertise the May 9th People Plaza Safari ride (and the conceptual purpose)

4.Discuss BikeLoudPDX-sponsored rides for Pedalpalooza . – 10 min.

5. Jennifer: Discuss BikeLoudPDX ride or rally that targets City council/planning meetings. This is in response to Roger Geller’s calls for activists to make their voice heard. Possible tie in with Pedalpalooza rides. – 10 min.

Long-term plans and visioning.

  1. How to be louder.
  2. Barbur planning..
  3. Terry: Explain East Portland in Motion, the positive results that are occurring, and the next year or so as I start building the groundwork for SEUL in Motion. -- 10 min.
  4. Terry: Mention proposed comprehensive plan and plan for Sept public meetings. -- 2-5 min

Housekeeping and organization

If time permits and/or optional for interested members:
  1. Update on server and wiki (brief tutorial on wiki content/graphics uploads and page creation). -- 15 min.

Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order

1) Sunday Parkways & Pedalpalooza

  • Soren/Ted/Terry/Jessica/Jim
  • Joe will send email to listserv asking for volunteers
  • Gerald: things to bring?
  • Terry: They provide nothing but free t-shirts, directions, and an intersection.
  • Terry will bring a table.
  • Should we create some signage?

Q: Does anyone have a canvas tent/canopy?

Can we rent one? Joel might have one in storage and will check.


  • Bloomington Park. 101st/102nd


Issue-focused post-cards for the table: talk to Ted, remember printing cost. Considering designing/printing a card or flyer with our name/website on it?

  • Treats.

Displays with a bike wheel?

Q: Future parkways?

See how this one goes and then get ready for July.

2) Pedalpalooza


  • Geeky rides; Terry will lead
  • 'Swarm' 28th to fill biking parking. Volume and need very visible. Give them a business card-size information handout.
  • Safari type ride (Emily)
  • City hall ride
   * Planning for an organized ride with a number of loops around City Hall.  Discussing day: Friday late afternoon?

Refrain from PBOT: Can't do a lot because city council and the mayor don't hear from activists/advocates. Gerald volunteers to see if we can get on the agenda, find a date, start at 3 and end at City Hall.

  • Hierarchy pyramid is easy to understand, use it as a visual theme.
  • "Spent by bicyclist" stickers for cash.
  • Mountain cycling inclusiveness
  • Subcommittee for the City Hall ride

3) Clinton Greenway 30th birthday

Check out the calendar of events, we need participation.

  • May 17th-21st, participate in bike2shop.
  • A lot of bike rides, rides are on shift2bike
  • May 8th: Clinton Social Ride

3) Bike Safari, People Plaza.

Saturday 1pm. Critical connection to the Max station. Starting at 63rd and Oregon, see some examples of former streets that are now parks.

4) How to be louder

City hall is a good step


  • 'Die-in' as a previous idea.
  • Self-immolate in stage blood
  • Barbur safari ride/therapy ride

5) Gentrification

  • Wednesday at 7pm--public meeting, petition for rent control
  • Portland Solidary Network; Fox Management, KBOO, Socialist Alternative Party coming together for a petition
  • We need to enact rent control.
  • Capping rent increases by percent/year.
  • Renters Bill of Rights to prevent greedy evictions.
  • Ban no-cause evictions.
  • Discussion on the overlap of rent control with transportation concern

6) General Discussion, looking forward

  • 20s bikeway diverters: when project specification are announced and don't include it, we need to be ready.
  • Downtown retrofit: design starts this summer.
  • 130s for East Portland specification: when the design comes out, we should do a safari.
  • Terry will be on the SEUL board.

Rodney greenway: To keep the diverter we might need a turnout. There's a petition going around to remove it. Send a letter about the Rodney diverter?