General Meeting May 31, 2015


Full notes on BikeLoudPDX Google Group (login required)

1) Circle Check-in (notetaker not present)

2) Discussion about decision to achieve official non-profit status of some sort

Advantages: More "pull" with the City - we could sit on advisory bodies, and our comments would be taken more seriously Options:

  • Becoming a 501c(3) of our own - donations tax deductible, but we can't be too political (no endorsing/un-endorsing candidates, little "lobbying").
  • Starting under the Umbrella 501c(3) to get us most of the benefits of the above with less work.
  • Becoming a 501c(4) which is political like the Oregon Bus Project
  • Becoming an Oregon non-profit business which is necessary for the above, but on its own, doesn't get the tax-deductible donation thing but doesn't have the political restrictions.
  • in addition to any of the above, forming a PAC

Decision: Move forward with registering as an Oregon non-profit business

Joe to email about the PAC and make an online discussion

3) What officers do we need?

  • Co-chairs nominated: Emily - ran infrastructure safari, lots of organizing, etc. Would see role as coordinating us internally and looking at our role within the city's bike infrastructure. Officially to be President for non-profit status.

Ted - Formed an organization that got Davis turned around from its Platinum bike city blues. Officially to be Secretary for non-profit status.

  • Treasurer - Angel nominated - good with numbers, pays Bike Farm's bills, experience with bank paperwork. Alex to be also named on bank accounts.
  • Direct action coordinator - Soren: Past 7 years, bike activism and city's engagement has been stagnating. His goal would be to work with other groups and others in BikeLoudPDX to organize direct action. We can leverage unfortunate events to help make this

4) Tabled - Infrastructure - Terry nominated to be NE/SE technical guru, Ted N Portland technical guru, and Gerald Fittipaldi downtown technical guru. We still need a nominee for SW - maybe ask Rich?

5) Direct action report -

Notetaker forgot to take notes on the good stuff, but it was good!

  • Dedicated person who handles media at direct action events
  • People selected to help facilitate at the event
  • Some worrying about being in the street - "illegal" - need coordination with Dan Kaufman & Nathan Jones

6) Proposal: that we ask that the Tuesday meeting be public, or if they don't, that they demand a town hall meeting. (If they stonewall us, then protest PBOT)

7) Zane thoughts about talking about victims as martyrs - Kristi [Facebook link redacted]

8) ProjectWatch

  • Ted: Southbound Interstate Ave. - bike lane squeezes down to 2ft 7" under bridges. Met with three PBOT staffers and a Novick staffer. Trying to fix this - need advocacy strategy
  • Ted: Rodney: diverter is in danger. Ted to send email about Rodney working group
  • Joe: Website w/ Clinton videos. Dan to lend Joel webcam.
  • Terry: Working on diverters on 20s bikeway. Needs them in Kerns and Buckman. Soren to work on Buckman with Terry. Any Kerns residents or employees? (Roughly River to 34th, Burnside to I-84)

Asking ODOT for signaled crossing at 28th & Powell - Terry to write letter. Email Joe Rowe for him to set up google doc. Saying that ODOT needs to approve keeping the 26th bike lanes too.

  • Terry: Write email to PBOT saying that whenever they do complete repaving of major streets, they should add NACTO-compliant bikeways.
  • Will: Clinton stuff to put in the notes

9) Pedalpalooza rides

  • Terry: Madlandia ride! W of 82nd greenway
  • Jessica/Gerald: June 24th protest rides. Gerald Fittipaldi wants a short, cogent message to the City. Will Vanlue has been developing messaging around this. Will, can you send this link to Gerald and/or the whole list?

Joe to help Gerald with press.


City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Ave Take Trimet8:00am - 10:00am

  • Soren: Send out email to list asking for task force to help with City Hall protest.
  • Soren: Downgrade Portland ride: 4:30 to 5:30, Wednesday, June 24th. Joe to help Soren coordinate with NWTA re: mountain bike stuff.
  • Soren: 28th ave bike lane fail, 5pm, Thursday June 25th, Oregon Park, NE Hoyt St., 29th Ave.
  • Ted:


NE Rodney at Ivy Take Trimet (Rodney 1 block south of Fremont)

6:00pm - 8:00pm, Roll at 6:15

10) Next four meetings: Jessica/Jim, Joe, Soren, and Ted. Soren/Joe to do Doodle poll about which day/time to have our meeting in the future. Angel to de-reserve Bike Farm for July and August.


May 31 4:15 to 6:15 PM Bike Farm, I run a fairly loose ship, so all times are approximate

Preamble: Round Robin of quick introductions...Who are you and why are you here (10 minutes)?

1: Officer Elections. For now, let us keep it simple as we slowly expand capacity. (25 minutes ACTION and Vote)

A: Nominate a Co-Chair, so far only Emily has come forward (YAY!). This person would need to work with Alex to coordinate the group, have their priority volunteer allegiance be to BikeloudPDX, provide direction and well...keep us going!

B: Media Chair: It seems to me (this may be over thinking this...let us discuss), that there needs to be a go-to person who can coordinate the mass media, what need to happen in our website design, delegate projects, different platforms, websites and so forth. Lets discuss this role....and find a volunteer!

C: Other Ideas?

2: Direct Action De-Brief Let us spend some time talking about the ODOT protests, what worked and what did not. What lessons have we learned moving forward for future advocacy. (10 minutes)

3: Missing Statement review and expansion. (10 minutes) What are our Priorities and roll? (Possible change/vote) All that is easily found on (which looks good BTW) is this: "Portland has many bicycle advocates, but lacks a gathering point for grassroots activists. We aim to empower Portlanders to create safer streets using grassroots actions."

Ten minute Break.....hey, who want to think ALL Sunday afternoon. time to socialize and stretch!

4: Moving towards 501c3 status. Soren suggested it, we have talked around it for a long time....let us decide and begin the process so we can take donations, register with the city and so forth. (15 minutes, ACTION and Vote)

5: PROJECT WATCH LIST: Advocacy updates

a. Larabee Ramp Up-Date Ted (5 min) b. 20's bikeway Update: Where are we with diversion? Terry (10 min)

6: Pedalpalooza Rides (10 minutes):

a. A Quick Round Robin of Who came up with what, why and when Remember to use the "BikeloudPDX!" symbol if you want so we are all over the calender!! b. Shall we publish a BikeloudPDX member/endorsement guide? (Action and Vote)

7: Coordination and working with other advocacy groups with similar aims. Let us set some ground rules so we can all freely build Bike Bridges to those with connecting issues building a better Portland together! (10 minutes) (possible action and vote)

8: Summer Goals and Wrap Up....Let us have fun this June...but stay connected so we can keep up the momentum! Share your plans and thoughts.

New agenda item: Petition both ODOT and PBOT for public meetings

a) PBOT for Clinton Diverters and safety. b) ODOT to fully adopt vision zero, and pay Portland to take over all roads in PDX currently mismanaged by ODOT cause they are death zones. ODOT has the money, they just spend it on more pavement, not safer roads