General Meeting May 8th, 2016

0. Announcements!

10 present.

RNA is having elections!

HAND is also having elections.

Richmond requires announcing your candidacy beforehand.

Pedalpalooza deadline for Mercury inclusion is next Saturday at midnight.

  • 'No more 4 lane roads' ride.
  • Mary and Jane ride.

Jessica will email the logo out.

1. Ankeny Greenway Project

Open house. Passed out 400 fliers advertising and a number of people showed up because of those fliers.

Wish we'd made BikeLoud more prominent.

Buckman Community Association, concern about traffic avoiding the diverter, but no one came to the open house to complain about it.

Some interesting, very valid complaints PBOT heard and seemed to take to heart

  • Wheelchair-bound person asks for curb cuts.
  • PBOT Blind person concermed about crossing the street.

Bikers are worse than drivers when it comes to respecting pedestrians. What can we do about that?

Speedbumps are needed but slow both cars and bikers down.

Asked for improvements to the diverter at 20th. Bollards. PBOT does want to do.

Asked for Bikes May Use Full Lane signs. Did want to do.

Asked for signage at cross streets. Issue with cars edging out and not realizing it is a major bike route. Did not want to do that.

People driving across the diverter at 20th. They're going to do something about that.

Got everything we asked for, it's going to happen sometime around June.

2. Clinton Greenway

We're coming up on the stakeholder/citizen advisory committee. As far as we know they haven't done counts yet, but they should be done sometime soon. Promised to be done before the committee meeting and while school was in session.

Have we submitted names for the advisory committee?

Alex as the main person, Jessica as an alternate.

Concerns with diverter violation. people turn around at 17th, people just go around the barrels.

People are still worried about Woodward. We have to hold our ground on the 1000 rides limit for diversion indicated by the endorsement of the Greenway Report. Share the load!

Biggest problem for diverters is perhaps actually at 17th. Woodward/Tibbetts, people avoid the diverter so they can still bypass Division.

On the note of funds, Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association is trying experimental private funding to try to expedite improvements.

Advocate for restoration of greenway funding to where it was? Used to be 2 million.

3. Better Naito Protest Ride

Adam works downtown and rides Naito every day. There are hours where Better Naito is supposed to be clear of loading and unloading (parked) cars taking up the entire lane.

You only give us 5 hours a day for the lane to be required to be clear, and we're not even getting that.

People are using it as a parking lane, not for active loading/unloading.

Crank out something to send ot the city about this. This is completely unacceptable.

Emily voiced concern about not trampling on other groups that have worked to install this facility. This is going to be there for months. Certain large festivals have paid to have access to the area.

We should make sure that Better Blocks supports it or we could potentially be seen as criticizing their efforts.

PBOT may not be the lead on this project with help from Novick's office, PSU, etc. PBOT is along for the ride.

Novick/Hales are all over the promo materials for the facility.

It's going to be there for three months, it's worth fighting for.

Tonight we can try to talk to them when some of us go to an event downtown. Dan volunteers.

4. Terry: Diversion as default.

Has a presentation (not ready for fully public access) on diversion and the greenway network. Note taking suspended to avoid what would essentially be a copy-paste of this presentation.

BikeLoudPDX endorses this draft policy and presentation.

5. Salem Ride & OTC

First, we need a late May direct action meeting. Jessica will set up a direct action meeting. (Later it was decided Gerald will set up this meeting)

Messaging can be the same for OTC and Salem. petition? Inspired by NE Greenway petition.

Important to reach out to bike communities in other parts of the state.

Reach out to the BTA?

Make it fun?

Control of messaging. Worry about the wrong quote getting out there. Have some people prepared to connect media to the spokespeople.

1. More funding.

2. Vision Zero.

3. Addressing congestion through active transportation.

Possibly do the OTC ride on Thursday, end at TNR.

Doodle poll for end of the month Direct Action meeting.

Wednesday night for a writing session.

6. Organizational Status

Pros/cons list posted to the list.

We want to get insurance for the Salem ride.

There's no/little likelihood of us having a payroll.

Umbrella has limitations. In Soren's understanding, Umbrella could not support going to Salem (lobbying).

Big reason is it lets us accept money, which we are starting to need.

Move to adopt 501(c)3; do we have what we need to actually decide this?

This vote is to start the process of 501(c)3.

Unanimous vote for 501(c)3. Emily wants the vote to happen. Ted was strongly for a 501(c)3.

This won't get put together until later in the summer.

7. Closing

Emily will chair next month's meeting.

June 5th so we can get it in before Pedalpalooza.

Short plug for the Ride of Silence on the 18th.

There's a Clinton survey out, PBOT, asking people's impression. Needs to get out to the various announcement channels.

Meeting Agenda

3:00 – Introductions

Question: What’s the first album you bought with your own money?

3:10 – Community Announcements

3:15 – Ankeny Greenway Project

Facilitator: Soren

3:25 – Clinton Greenway Update

Facilitator: Jessica / Alex

3:35 – Better Naito Protest Ride

3:45 – Diversion as Default

Presenter: Terry Dublinski-Milton

Background: Terry will discuss what it would like look if diversion was required “at or near every greenway crossing of a neighborhood collector, corridor or civic corridor”. Here is a Bike Portland article on Terry’s awesome vision.

4:15 – Salem Ride (July) + OTC Protest Ride (June 16/17)

Facilitator: Gerald Fittipaldi

Background: Decades ago, a group of cyclists rode down to Salem to call for dedicated funding for biking in the Oregon budget. They succeeded. This July, the Oregon Transportation Committee will be convening in Salem and Bike Loud is exploring the possibility of a group protest ride down to the capitol building. Gerald is leading this effort, and is hoping to build a broad coalition of partners to assemble at the capitol for a grand protest.

4:45 – Review and Vote on Organizational Status

Facilitator: Soren

Background: Bike Loud PDX has always operated as a loose citizen advocacy group with no official non-profit or political affiliation. For a good while, members have explored the possibility of becoming an incorporated charity. We are now at the point where we need to take a vote. Here are the options:

1) Keep the status quo

2) 501(c)3 charity org

3) 501(c)4 charity org

Please check this document for the pros and cons of (c)3 and (c)4 classifications.

(Time Permitting) - Inventory of Assets and other Developmental Needs

Facilitator: Yashar Background: Have we ever stopped to think about the diversity of skillsets in Bike Loud? Who can fundraise? Who is a Photoshop whiz? Who is a spoken word poet? Yashar is proposing databasing our collective skills and talents so that the group can better grasp its capacities, needs, and programmatic output. In addition, we can use this data to more adequately identify and solicit volunteers for specific tasks. Let’s briefly talk about how we can aggregate this information and what other sorts of databasing may be useful for the organization.