General Meeting November 2, 2014

1) Diversion campaign

  • Terry working with Linda on Hosford-Abernathy and Clinton.
  • Need a directory so that we know who's in which n'hood
  • Potential to work with Bike Walk Vote on overall city policy to win
  • Possible metric: peak-hour vehicles
a) Draft policy we want
b) Get approval in our orgs
c) Get postcards & other tokens of support
d) Bring to Steve Novick and city employees (Art Pierce)
e) Add postcards, protests, etc. as necessary

2) Slow-track decision process

a) Majority vote at a meeting, announce that the thing is going to be on the agenda 10 days in advance online
b) If we do dues-paying, then only members get to vote
c) SurveyMonkey with one question

3) Mission statement (for now). "BikeLoudPDX empowers Portlanders to create a more bike-friendly city through grassroots actions." We approve!

4) Street fee

  • computer is dying and I will send another email about this

5) Need some organization building

  • Directory
  • Discuss email overload
  • We need a communications chair: meeting minutes, weekly updates (WEEKLY UPDATE in title), making sure event calendar is updated and accurate. Alex to ask for volunteer(s). Want Facebook to be updated with any event - Terry and Ted to create Facebook "Group" where we can discuss rather than.

6) Relationships with other orgs & money

  • Thinking something smaller than a kickstarter
  • Working on bank account and paying members would help us a lot
  • Want to do visioning afternoon with Rex Burkholder (he will do for free)
  • What to spend money on? Postage, marketing (business cards, stickers, spoke cards

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