General Meeting November 26th, 2017

BikeLoudPDX meeting 11-26-17

Lincoln-Harrison Neighborhood Greenway Project

Marsha:Discussion of 45-5 vote at Mount Tabor Neighborhood Association
Lots of opposition from people opposed to change, people who do not bike, and NIMBYs. Project being led by Sheila Parrot
Marsha asked engineers what we need to do to insure project goes forward. No clear answer but urge us to drum up testimony in support of diversion. PJ asked whether we know all the arguments against the project. Assuming we cannot counter the objections of people who cycle who do not need infrastructure.

The BACs decision to veto semi-diversion at the busiest portion of this Greenway (SE Ladd and Clay) was discussed.

The Dec 5th open house was announced. Catie suggested that we stop discussing the opposition and focus on arguments/actions in support of the project.

Action item: we need someone to contact the project manager to get information on what it will take for PBOT to agree to this: 503.823.5817

Action item: write a letter asking the BAC to explain why they vote against SE Ladd bus-only diversion (Soren)

East Portland Greenways – build them now!

Soren discussed the history of these projects including the repeated delays. Tim mentioned that Greg Raisman said that they are in design (?) with construction scheduled for next year. Soren mentioned that this is what was said in 2016. Soren proposed contacting our community partners and planning a Division focused action in the late winter/spring to support construction of bike/ped safety infrastructure along this corridor. Soren mentioned a possible focus on 122nd and/or the 130s Greenway bike/ped crossing.

Action item: Soren will reach out to east portland advocates, east portland bikeloudpdx members, and community partners to get feedback on timing and focus of an action.

Vancouver Safety Project

  • Tabled for further discussion on the google group.
Action item: Propose a bike safari ride with PBOT and NAs where PBOT has to explain or defend their. Catie and Ted.(maybe)

Discussion of normorefreewayspdx

There is a gofundme for the project: of project: general agreement that the bike/ped improvement are mis-characterized and/or illdefined. Freeway cap does not address bike/ped infrastructure and cannot be used a greenspace

Congestion pricing meeting was held.

General agreement that we should support this. Not only decreases congestion but has impacts on health. Mention of a letter but tabled until we know more details.


Uber license expires Jan 31. Commissioners Eudayly, Fritz and Fish are unhappy with Uber’s attempts to circumvent city regulations and want to tighten regulations and/or put uber on probation. In particular, there is desire to require Uber to have the same liability insurance as Taxi companies and Lyft (million dollar liability at all times). The relevance to bikeloudpdx is that uber/lyft traffic has increased congestion, has caused conflict (personal experieces were shared by several bikeloud members), and has been associated with decreased mass transit use in other urban areas.Some discussion of whether we should advocate for a ban but there was disagreement on this point. There was support for strong liability insurance and regulation (requiring a CDL).It was decided that more research needed to be done.

Action item: Catie will explore proposed regulations and existing regulations in other cities and report back to BikeLoudPDX.

Next BikeLoudPDX general meeting
Catie Gould is chairing the next general meeting (in early Jan) so send her agenda items.