General Meeting November 8, 2015

General meeting Sunday November 8, Bike Farm, 4:30 - 6:30 Exciting times, lots of projects are afoot, big and small. Hope to see you all there! Reminder -- BikeFarm has asked that we not come early (to make it easier for them to transition the space from an open shop to a meeting space on a tight schedule) (& sorry the agenda is late)


1) Introduction and check-in

14 present.

2) October meeting minutes

Voted to approve.

3) Code of Conduct

Approved both long and short form.

4) Commmunications Committee report

  • Assigned roles for social media communication, online presence
  • Should be a monthly meeting in the future
  • Consider possibly creating a group: not decidable by the subcommittee
  • Excel spreadsheet of roles and responsibilities
  • Nominations come out for people to handle these
  • Those interested should contact Tom McTighe

Private group:

  • Talked about often
  • Current list isn't searchable, but only takes the step of signing up to see entire history
  • How do we decide who gets in the group?
  • How do we keep activity on the main list?
  • We tried a private list at one point, but it died.
  • Use Slack application; allows for different teams.
  • Discourse is also suggested, an open source solution we could put on our server.

We decide to demo these and see if they work.

5) Direct Action Committee Report

Not a lot of effort available this past month. Considering doing something (protest/memorial ride?) for Mark Angeles: discuss later in meeting.

Action on Barbur. After ODOT report. Suggesting a crosswalk action similiar to Powell.

We haven't done something in SW.

Focus on the bridges/extending bike lane to the bridges.

The ODOT proposal had a number of different configurations.

Idea: tearing up '260 dollar tickets' in front of city hall or somewhere downtown.

This Friday? "A life is worth 260 dollars."

November 15th: World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

Soren will send out an email with details on the event and how BikeLoudPDX members can participate.

At least two people (Ted and Jim) will be downtown Thursday or Friday, 4:30. Full details to come by email.

6) 70s bikeway endorsement letter

Jessica: Pretty close to being able to send off a letter; a few more edits, then will be presented.

7) Clinton Diverter PBOT meeting report

Ted: In general a balanced crowd. Rich Newlands presented. Two Woodward residents presented and asked for a lot. General atmosphere of desiring traffic calming.

Jessica: Neighborhood is asking for a comprehensive traffic calming plan. Phase 2: people asking for more, not less.

Ted's proposal is to write a letter asking for Phase 1 (the 32nd diverter) immediately.

Soren: At least two people behind the fliers doesn't want diversion, wants Clinton/Division to become a couplet

Much discussion is had.

Talk of going out with signs when they are installed.

Letter to Rich Newlands. Other action generating support. Online campaign to contact PBOT

8) Tilikum/Tilikum to Clinton issues

Emily: TriMet has not fixed many of the issues pointed out by the original team of people. Now that the bridge has been open for two months, we're thinking of taking a look at the area again and what we can do next.

Everyone hates the east side of the bridge (though some have issues with the Wwest side too)

We should move forward with a campaign to improve. Online campaign to shame TriMet. Generate ideas and come back to the group.

9) Update, N Interstate at Larrabee

Ted: there is a proposal to paint something of an improvement.

Joe: This is not an improvement. He'd rather they keep the status quo.

Angel: Would also rather stick with the status quo.

Do we ask them not to paint this?

Laundry list of complaints/questions to at least get answered before it becomes painted.

Ted will write an enail sponsored/edited by BikeLoud.

10) Other Project updates

  • Missing Terry for the gas tax discussion
  • Comp Plan TSM BikeLoud

Jessica: We had a meeting, with everything going on let's pause on this and pick it up again later

Zoning issues were discussed. Lots of details.

Soren: At the very least we could send a letter reinforcing priorities. Jim will draft a letter for the plan based on his email notes and submit it to the list.

Other people should also comment on the online

  • Angel is taking Portland's transportation class, would like emails for definitions.

11) New and Proposed Projects

  • Parking Symposium

Jessica: Parking is the 'holy grail' of transportation. Part of the Comp Plan. At this symposium we get a glimpse of the central city plan.

Wednesday, November 18th. Drop in from 6 to 8.

  • Working with the DA

Skipping, we've already talked about it briefly.

  • Endorsements for the next election?

Next 3 meetings:

  • December: Joe
  • January: Jessica
  • February: Ted

12) Organizational Development

Form a subcommittee to study 501c3 vs. 501c4. Several names are taken down.

13) Volunteer of the month + Citizen/Organization of the month

Ted for his comments at Clinton meeting and for handing out fliers.

Tie between: Christie Finney and Community Alliance of Tenants and Doug Klotz

Christie Finney is selected in runoff voting.

Agenda for November BikeLoudPDX meeting Meeting Facilitator: Emily Guise 4:30 - 6:30, BikeFarm, 1810 NE 1st Ave. 4:30 - introductions and check-in 4:40 - approve October meeting minutes 4:45 - Vote to adopt the long-form and short-form code of conduct (Emily Guise)

Committee Reports: 4:55- Communications Committee meeting (Emily Guise)

    - Discuss possibly creating group for private discussions

(projects or discussions that are sensitive that we don't want to be or are not ready to be out in the open on the internet) 5:00 - Direct Action committee (Soren Impey, Dan Kaufman?)

Current Projects -- updates and plans 5:10 - 70s bikeway endorsement letter? (Terry ) 5:15 - Report on Clinton Diverter PBOT meeting, other Clinton progress (Ted Buehler, others?) 5:25 - Tilikum issues, Tilikum to Clinton issues, what should we do next? (Clinton to Tilikum group -- Ted, Emily, Betsy, Terry, Jessica) 5:35 - update, N Interstate at Larrabee Project (Ted Buehler) 5:40 - other project updates? - Citations for reckless passing? - Position on gas tax? - Position on Comp Plan TSM?

5:50 New and Proposed Projects:

- Interest in planning protest/memorial ride for Mark Angeles?

Possibly coordinate w/ Nathan Jones. (driver was cited $260, will not be prosecuted)

- BikeLoud recommendations for parking symposium and Central City

2035 (Jessica Engelman)

- Working with DA on closing loophole in law around prosecuting

drivers who maim/kill (from Wonk Night)

- endorsements (or candidate surveys?) for the next election

(suggested by Amy S) - others?

6:20 BikeLoud, organizational development

- official forming subcommittee to study 503(c) vs 504(c)

6:30 - Adjourn