General Meeting October 11, 2015

Date: Sunday, October 11
Time: 4pm-6pm
Location: Ladd's Circle, SE 16th and Harrison (rain location: Ford Building first floor lobby, just outside the indoor entrance to Ford Food + Drink, SE 11th and Division)
Facilitation: Jessica will facilitate with Jim as backup.


1) Clinton open house update

Thanks to those who provided comments

  • Phase 1: 17th and 31st
  • 31st is in Richmond neighborhood
  • Rich coming to speak both to Richmond and to HAND
  • Is phase 2 going to happen?
  • 12th is a real mess in the mornings
  • Overpass for the 11th/12th area

What do we need to do?

  • Keep an eye on the developing situation
  • Opposition is likely to be intransigent and doesn't want any diversion
  • PR campaign
  • Complaining businesses are often on Division
  • Consider going to the Richmond meeting to see Rich Newland's presentation

2) Direct Action 25-35

Chris Chandler memorial

  • Comments with people dealing with short notice, problems getting in touch with friends and family, backlash on the facebook page
  • Considered canceling it. Make a bigger effort to communicate what the event means. Be a lot more clear.
  • "The friends and family are always right." That was our approach which is what allowed the event to actually happened.


An event for hit and runs. Target the Multnomah District Attorney office or police bureau.

  • Focus on law change?
  • Unhappy with taking what drivers say ('didn't see him') at face value.
  • Not necessarily as much on the DAFocus on the legal system
  • Not just on things being taken to court.
  • Communications follow-through: what prosecution happened? Cell phone records being pulled?
  • Look for an organizing email

3) Communication Update 35-45

Marsha is the only manager of the Google group, went into the membership names

  • 4 or 5 people joined up around the time of June
  • Do we care about people 'infiltrating' the list?
  • We never responded to the SE examiner article
  • Someone did ask on our Facebook page to contact us, we didn't catch it in time.
  • Couldn't find a moderation log to see what actions had been taken for individual people

Terry makes a motion: a second online group for which you'd have to show up for a monthly meeting at least once a year

  • What makes a member? Is someone a member just because they showed up today?

If someone's making emails hostile to the goals of the group, can we block them from the list? Consensus: Yes.

4) Communications with PPB

Met with Cpt. Kelly Shafer, who was enthusiastic about enforcement on the greenway. Let's do something schooltime, September. We've followed up. Haven't heard from her, followed up again, she's out of the office. Alan talked with a BTA person who indicated that the BTA has given the PPB the impression that greenways do not need to be policed. We should get specifics from Alan on this.

5) 70s bikeway update and request for endorsement 45-55

Terry: This is moving. Terry's Madlandia ride. The community college doesn't have a bikeway after its expansion. Gone from not being on the map to being 4.6 million paid for half by local money, half through STIP funding. Terry presents his map.

Terry's taking this to SEUL board. Asking for an endorsement for a quick letter he's going to write.

Motion passed

6) Trimet's "take two" at Se 8th swing gates, 11/12th, ped bridge 55-05

Trimet's second plan is similar to its first:

  • Switchbacks, still a gate on the south side at 11th. Doesn't care about freight trains because that's not Trimet.
  • This is to cover Trimet.

Right after they proposed the swing gate, someone at another swing gate location in Hillsboro got hit by a train. Perhaps he didn't notice that the train was coming because he was dealing with the gate.

Gate doesn't help bicycle freight.

Add BikeLoudPDX's voice to this opposition.

Trimet is coming to the next HAND meeting to talk about this plan.

Invite B-line? (Bicycle freight company)

Bring someone with a longer bike or a wheelchair?


a) Jessica writes a letter, specifically asking for the electronic left gates b) Go out to find the swing gates with a bike with bike trailer

7) Trimet bike plan

Somewhat underwhelming. Maps with pins for visitors to show their origin/destination and put yarn between them.

Another map: Red for bad stops, green for good stops. What if it's a stop that's easy to access by bike but there isn't good parking?

Another open house had a focus on bike parking: different options. Much more of a suburban issue. This is perhaps what Trimet needs to do.

Reaching our bike commute goal.

Write a letter thanking Trimet for having a bike plan? Something for the BRT which is a great opportunity.

Everyone should go on their website

8) BikeLoudPDX code of conduct

Reading aloud, see if we want to pass or if we think it needs further work.

Does this apply to direct action? This is intended to be broadly applicable.

Minor edits and suggestions come out, Sending out an email, vote to adopt.

9) Novick's gas tax

Looking at where this money will go. "Safety" improvements become mostly paving, not active transport. The BTA has been a rubber stamp for this whole process. Soren proposes: let's say what we want.

Novick came to SEU on Monday

Terry: The 10 cents tax does not include diesel. A lot of it is paving. Safer path to school, MLK crossing, greenway crossing. This is a lot of catching up on our greenway construction. A lot of good stuff.

Proposal: Also tax diesel. No overhead to do this. Put all of this money towards active transport. This is Phase 1.

Phase 2: a series of taxes and fees. Taxes on all kinds of tires, including bicycles. The cities with the best cultures have some amount of bicycle contribution to the transportation system.

Reticent about endorsing a gas tax because there is not a diesel component.

Emily & Terry will collaborate, Jessica and Soren will help make it pretty.

Paving is also good for bikes and buses.

10) TSP/comp plan updates

TSP has been released. It's really complicated. A little fuzzy.

November 13th deadline for a discussion draft.

Simple online survery: Good, needs work, needs a lot of work. Open ended.

Confusing and complex.

Separate meeting for this discussion. All a part of the same contemplation of the people.

Jessica + Jim will make sure this meeting happens.

11) Other items

A couple of north NAs are having meetings to talk about Lombard, near the railroad cut. New Seasons going in, bike lanes going in. On the 20th the Portsmouth NBA is having ODOT, PBOT, New Seasons, others in to talk, at New Columbia Communicatoin Center. Check Portsmouth University website for that.

Long term design of Lombard (technically a state highway), ODOT, the port, PBOT, New Seasons. University Park is hoping to plan something for November. Lombard Reimagined: a PSU graduate student project, redesigning Lombard in a more people-friendly way.

Angel: Congratulations Soren! Everyone thinks you do lots for BikeLoudPDX.

Angel: Thanks also to Rich Newlands for Clinton work!

Soren: We are actually a corporation now.

We need a location for the next meeting, and a meeting coordinator. Emily volunteers!


(as emailed to listserv on October 1, 2015):

If there is something you would like added to the agenda, now is the time to let me know! So far I have the following:

Quick items: - Brief report/update on Clinton Greenway (including the Open House) - TriMet proposal for swing gates, switchbacks, and a cement sidewalk protrusion at SE 8th/11th/12th light rail crossings (bikeportland article here). Possible action item.

Longer items: - TriMet Bike Plan: discussion about online materials/open houses (go to the open houses! Oct 5-8). Possible action item. - TSP Discussion Draft Update and other Comp Plan-related issues (exact topic TBD; more info here). Possible action item. - Portland bike share proposal(?)

I would like to take a break this month from 401c3/Umbrella/etc-related discussions this month if possible. It's been a topic at nearly every meeting this calendar year, and while a very important issue for us as an organization, I believe many members have grown weary of the never-ending conversation. Unless there's a time-sensitive reason not to, I propose we take a break from this particular internally-focused discussion and instead try and focus the advocacy work itself.


(as emailed to the listserv on October 7, 2015)

Date: Sunday, October 11 Time: 4pm-6pm Location: Ladd's Circle, SE 16th and Harrison (rain location: Ford Building first floor lobby, just outside the indoor entrance to Ford Food + Drink, SE 11th and Division)

It looks like the rain will clear up by Sunday afternoon. I will send out an email the day of stating whether to meet at Ladd's Circle or the Ford Building. The Ford Building is a 3 min ride, 7 min walk from Ladd's Circle. I chose the two locations because neither will require a purchase to access (although both locations are adjacent to cafes where you can purchase drinks/snacks if you like). We'll see how it works out.

We have a very full agenda so tardiness is highly discouraged!

Meeting Agenda:

4:00-4:10 Introductions
4:10-4:15 Brief report and update on Clinton Greenway enhancement project
4:15-4:25 Direct action update
4:25-4:35 70s bikeway update and request for endorsement*
4:35-4:50 TriMet's "take two" proposal to add swing gates, switchbacks, and a cement bulb-out at SE 8th/11th/12th light rail crossings; parallel topic: renewed call for new bike/ped bridge over freight tracks near SE 12th to replace old bridge demolished in Orange Line construction *
4:50-5:00 TriMet's new Bike Plan *
5:00-5:10 BikeLoudPDX code of conduct *
5:10-5:20 Portland bike share *
5:20-5:30 Novick's proposed gas tax (in lieu of street fee) *
5:30-5:45 TSP/Comp plan updates (TSP discussion draft is out) *
5:45-6:00 additional items and/or continued discussion from earlier (overflow time)
6:00 adjourn

asterisks (*) indicate possible action items

If any of these topics are unfamiliar to you, please reference below!

Clinton Greenway:

TriMet 8th/11th/12th crossing "improvements" and ped/bike bridge:

TriMet bike plan:

BikeLoudPDX code of conduct:!topic/bikeloudpdx/lNPrTKMFLYg

Portland bike share:

Gas tax for transportation revenue:!topic/bikeloudpdx/pWXN6gII8ww

TSP/Comp Plan: