General Meeting October 5, 2014

Today's meeting was awesome! I think there was lots of positive energy due to the cool location at the temporary plaza thanks to Better Block PDX! (Thanks for the suggestion Kari!)

Short-version notes

  • We now have a "fast-track" approval process for BikeLoudPDX endorsement of your awesome project. Stay tuned for an email from Ted Buehler with the process detailed.
  • We will work on a "slow-track" decision-making process for big projects and big focuses of the group in the next meeting.
  • We made a draft/strawman mission statement of "Empowering Portlanders to create safe streets." Discuss! We will choose one f'reals at the next meeting.
  • Aaron Tarfman, Terry Dublinski-Morton, and Kirk Paulsen will work on organizing a 20s bikeway ride(s) between now and the next meeting.
  • We have a desire for another ride between now and the next meeting. Any proposals for focuses or anyone want to lead it?
  • Speaking of which, next meeting is Sunday, Nov. 2 at 3pm at Velo Cult, 1969 NE 42nd Ave. in Hollywood!

Here are longer notes

1. We went around and quickly said what we're excited about. Diversion on n'hood streets and greenways was the main common thread that I heard.

2. We heard, discussed, modified, and approved a proposal from the organization sub-group for a "fast-track" approval process for relatively small/uncontroversial projects and actions. Next meeting, we'll talk about the "slow-track" approval process for major undertakings and how to focus the group on single projects that need lots of attention.

  • Ted Buehler will finish writing up the process and post it as a Google Document or something. Then I will put it in the email footer for all BikeLoudPDX google group emails.
  • The basic outline of the process is this:
    • Send an email to the group with PROPOSAL in capital letters as the first thing in your email. Write up your proposal (briefly!) as described in the document Ted will post.
    • Other people have 72 hours to comment/etc. Proposer may edit the proposal in response.
    • Then someone (could be you) may motion to approve the proposal. Use MOTION TO APPROVE as the first thing you write in this email.
    • Two other people have to approve the proposal too. They should write SECONDED and THIRDED as the first things they write in their emails. They should be thinking on behalf of BikeLoudPDX as a whole, not them personally, and should give some justification based on the characteristics that Ted will outline in his document.
    • We will see how this works and change the process as needed.
  • Terry Dublinski-Morton will send out endorsing Metro's Regional Active Transportation Plan as a test case of this process.

3. We discussed ways to work in diversion in the short-term and long-term.

  • Temp. diverter at Rodney and Ivy. Ted Buehler and Emily Guise will work together on that - engaging neighbors, postcards, neighborhood associations, etc.
  • Long-term policy change: Terry Dublinski-Morton said that the City policy that no more than 150 cars may be diverted to other n'hood streets as a result of a diverter is an obstacle to putting diverters on streets that are getting large amounts of undesirable traffic. We could consider work on changing that policy or adding things to the City's toolkit to reduce diversion to the other sidestreets.
  • Desire to make an official "big short-term focus" of the group to choose a location that sorely needs a diverter and get it into a funded, timeline-d plan by next summer. Ideally constructed next summer :-) We will discuss in our "slow-track" decision-making process at the next meeting.

4. We worked on a mission statement. Here is our draft/strawman mission statement: "Empowering Portlanders to create safe streets."

Gerald Fittipaldi proposes this addition: "Empowering Portlanders to create safe streets using grassroots actions."

5. We got a sweet talk from Boris Kaganovich of Better Block Portland about their temporary streetscape change on SW 3rd. It was super cool and very vibrant and lovely in the block by Voodoo Donuts while we were there. If anyone wants any of the following for something cool (could be secret!) that you want to do, Better Block Portland has them and I can put you in touch with them:

  • Bike stencil for bike lane
  • Planters that can be heavy (cinder blocks in bottom) for excluding cars
  • Umbrellas I think?

6. Next meeting is Sunday, Nov. 2 at 3pm at Velo Cult, 1969 NE 42nd Ave. in Hollywood. See you then or at one of our hopefully two rides between now and then!

Keep biking loud :-)

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