General Meeting September 11th, 2016


Introductions and updates from co-chairs - 10 minutes

Update from direct action coordinator (Soren) - 10 minutes

Discuss campaign to reform and improve Neighborhood Greenways (and associated City policy). Soren or Jessica - 20 minutes.

Proposal to change meeting format and timing to twice monthly meetups with direct action components - 20 minutes

break - 5 minutes

Legislative Days planning - remaining time

Meeting Notes

12 present

Co chair updates

Tuesday: Evening for inner city plan

Thursday: Brown bag transportation lunches given by PBOT, covering central city multi-modal project.


Attended BTA's Safer Streets event.

Campaign to reform and improve neighborhood greenways

We have generated a list of things we want improved on Clinton.

How we want PBOT to adhere to and improve their Greenway Report.

Page and a half letter to be posted to the email list for comment.

We've talked about Clinton a lot, but there are broader problems with the Greenway network. The Greenway Report is a good document in some ways. Some ways it could be improved.

For instance, vehicles per hour at peak hour is an important metric that we wish to be taken into account with specific countermeasures.

We never had any input on the Report; it wasn't open to public comment.

There is a Clinton-specific letter, and a separate letter for general conversation about how we want the Greenway network to work. After the Clinton-specific letter is out, we'll work on the overall Greenway letter.

Meeting Changes

Meetings are not necessarily fun to come to. Instead of talking for two hours, why not talk for an hour and then go do something fun?

More social activities for getting together and enjoying

"Pedalpalooza meets wonk"


Switch name to meetings and meetup Keep things shorter because we can delve into details online Fun or direct action component to every meeting.

Trial run of 3 months?

Last week of September

Reassess in January.

2nd Sunday (9th)

Legislative Days

Ride down there:

Still need

* Dan G is leading one of the rides, needs another volunteer.  
* Soren volunteers for the slower ride, he'll have a trailer/sound system

Some carpooling will be available. Amtrak?

Eventbrite should have detail about other transportation options.

We have an offer for a truck that can handle 5 bikes, but a trailer that could take 'dozens.' Not super enthusiastic about the trailer, needs numbers to pre-position trailer.

Fallback? Rent a truck.

Need help

Dan K will send out press releases. Emily will help with emails.

List of things for people to do once they get to Salem; places to go and register your opinion

Joint Transportatiion Committee Roadshow is in Hillsboro that might be a good time to get our feet wet.