General Meeting September 13th, 2017

BikeLoudPDX July 2017 general meeting

Location: Irving Park (North Portland)

September 13, 6:30-8:30 pm


10 present

Green Loop

Officially Support or no? Conditional support?

Funding for inner city vs. east Portland and equity question

Especially want to avoid watered down implementation.

There's a document detailing the proposal that we should have thorough knowledge of before formalizing our opinion.

Ted will get paper document and we will continue to develop our position,

Ted can't head this up because he's leaving town; nominates Gerald to co-lead. Subcommittee formed.

The deadline for comment is soon and we likely won't make it, but we should still have a statement.

East Portland Infrastructure Campaign

Soren has most of the knowledge on specifics, but isn't present.

Considering direct action, but not really sure what direction to take.

In general we want these projects to be pushed to completion.

Conclusion: let's do more research.

Cycling issues around Franklin HS

Paved path through Clinton park next to the high school. Roughly 52nd and 55th. Path runs north/south; was repaved, and they added a locked gate. You can ride through the park but there's a steep grassy incline.

Ask for an easement?

Options: email someone, take it to a PTA meeting? Ask for gate to not be locked?

Adam will contact administration and see what the situation is.

There used to be wheelchair ramps opposite some of the streets and someone wants them back; Ted will connect Adam to this person.

TSP3 - SE 21st emergency response route

The updates add emergency response routes. 21st might be upgraded from 'minor' to 'secondary,' which, when there's construction, requires the replacement of speed bumps with speed cushions for fire trucks.

Section is between Powell and Division.

The speed is being reduced to 20mph.

There's a policy conflict where greenways are supposed to be speed-limited to 20mph, but secondary emergency response routes require less effective speed control devices.

Looking up the maps, it's easy to see the overlapped sections between these designations.

Possible responses:

  • Don't change the designation of 21st
  • Change policy: do not have to have fire truck-friendly speed cushions on greenways
  • Request that specific references to traffic calming devices be removed from the TSP

Adam presents alternative infrastructure to speed bumps: chicane that traffic calms.

There are pros and cons to speed bumps.

Are they designating 21st this way to avoid the (railroad) intersection at 11th/12th?

Easiest course of action: defer designation to the next iteration of the TSP

Because the change doesn't take effect until the street is repaved, the designation

Illustrate the policy conflict that needs to be resolved. How do you deal with the intersection of greenways which have strict and important guidelines for traffic calming and emergency routes wihch also have strict and important guidelines?

There are about twenty spots around the city where this overlap occurs.

Chris will write a letter and submit to the group for approval; passed unanimously.

Car-free street at SW montgomery between Broadway and 6th

Currently runs through the PSU campus.

Closed down temporarily, might as well be permanent.

Only 5 parking spaces on this block

Unfortunately they're opening it next week, it sounds.

We obviously approve of the idea.

EJ is sending a note to Tim.

Sounds of Skateboarding

They ride like the very night is at their heels.

TSP3 Draft Testimony

Due Sept 26

The new draft seems to have improved!

Emily will ask Jessica for a list of people who were on the subcommittee last time and set up a meeting.

TSDC projects

Get them to use the money they get from certain fees for active transportation infrastructure?

Tabled for now.

Direct Action suggestion

Idea: number of days since fatality on Portland city streets. Park a bicycle outside downtown buildings with the number of days since last person killed on a street.

Accompany with something people can do.

A postcard box?

Would have to move from place to place to avoid the bike getting impounded.

Maybe we don't want to send the message that bicycling is dangerous.

Perhaps a shopping card?

Tape posterboard?

Motivation: we want city staff to see the 0 and think what they can do to make streets safer in the future.

More research? Hammer out the details in a more social setting?


Thanks to Emily for organizing and getting in contact with family. Event went smoothly.

Soren wrote a letter, we sent it in. Getting sideguards for trucks. Get a policy on these sideguards.

Many cities are putting requirements in for this.

Haven't seen a response.

Better Naito

Better Naito ends at the end of the month. Do a human protected lane along part of the 'Worse' Naito, just for a block or two. An effective message.

Next February it will come up to re-authorize it. That will be the time to push to make it permanent. At that time the market will also renew its temporary parking permits.

Emily would like to organize a direct action that supports Better Naito.

How many people for a chain? Too few wouldn't be a success.

Positive action in tandem? 'Renew' our letter thanking the city for Better Naito.

Jim will research conga lines.

Lincoln/Harrison Greenway

Jim volunteers to head up subcommittee, doodle poll.

Marsha was at the BAC last night. They are adding some semi-diverters. Lean on them to move towards diverters.

PBOT needs the community pressure, which is what we can provide.

Follow up on our letter regarding Clinton and 50th. RNA needs to push again.

What kind of music does Scott B. listen to? We love Scott B.

62nd and Tenino

Go to SEUL with proposed traffic calming.

Narrow street, add planters. Neighbors are in.

Just need PBOT's ok.

62nd is not a major street.

Next meeting

Who will chair? Emily volunteers.