Lincoln Harrison Greenway

Email Portland City Council and PBOT!

Do you ride, walk or roll on the SE Lincoln/Harrison greenway? PBOT has plans ( to make it safer and more pleasant to play, ride, walk and live by, but City Council and PBOT needs to hear from YOU why this project is so important!


Dear Commissioners Fish, Saltzman, Eudaly and Fritz, Mayor Wheeler, Director Treat, and Ms. Parrott,

I want a safer, calmer Lincoln/Harrison Street and I support the Lincoln/Harrison Greenway Enhancement Project! Let’s make Lincoln/Harrison Street a welcoming place for anyone who is walking, biking, running, playing, walking their dog, or scooting.

(add your own story about riding on Lincoln/Harrison here)

Portland's policy is to build a network of places in the city where people can walk, bike, run, play, and scoot safely, regardless of their age or ability. The City has existing policy that identifies certain streets as priority streets for people; Lincoln clearly meets those criteria and is in urgent need of additional safety treatments if the City is going to live up to its greenway and Vision Zero commitments.

Unfortunately, currently the Lincoln/Harrison Neighborhood Greenway is one of the city’s five worst-performing because of high traffic volumes and speeds as noted in the Neighborhood Greenway Assessment Report approved by the council in 2015. Building the complete project would go a long way towards making our streets safer for all.

Again, I support this project and I urge you to support it as well.

Sincerely, (Your name) (full address)