Meeting notes April 12, 2015!topic/bikeloudpdx/9fs1bzscSIg

Meeting Sunday April 12th, 2015 Timekeeper: Ted Notes: Jim

Opening remarks Gerald: Good job this month!

  • PBOT meeting & Clinton St Working group
  • Comp plan meeting
  • Safari ride


Rodney Greenway Open House Ted/Emily:

Post-meeting discussion, things to work on
Gathering support to keep the diverter at Ivy & Rodney
Shouldn't we be asking for something 3x as good as what they're giving us, more signs, repaving, traffic signal; c.f. how can we be louder?
Email Rich to express bike community support for the diverter.
Rich Newlands, Project Manager, 503.823.7780,

Oregon Active Transportation Summit

 	Five of us were there.  Each stating what they took away from the event.  
Ted: Learned technical things, started conversations with people we can later follow up with.  
Takeway: next year, action item (on the agenda eight months from now) getting more citizen activists there, more bicycle constituents at the event. Disappointing in that it was not empowering to individuals, happy in that it was empowering to those that were empowered.  
Jessica: Vision Zero is big.  Frame things in terms of whether or not it follows Vision Zero.  Hold people to their word when they say they're for Vision Zero
Angel: Health and bicycling; it's not just the one story, lots of benefits from more people bicycling.  High dollar amounts for unhealthy people that could benefit from cycling
Terry: North Tabor Vision Zero.  Underground activism to get extra routes on the comp plan is actually working.  Learned they're interested in what to do about the travel circles.  Skeptical of the courses, but learned a lot: they were worth it.
Gerald: Participated in an instant redesign of Broadway (near Burnside): "what would you do if you could use this space for anything," Ted received some accolades for his groups design, which had a plaza right along Mary's.  Captured sunlight, put in a cycle track.  Getting people coming up with ideas.  

Clinton Tilikum Safari Ride

Jessica: Five of us, talking with Jeff Owen and Roger Geller, Meeting upcoming to do some followup stuff. Emily: Pretty good meeting, we made a good impression, they stayed to talk further Terry: Went really well, we need to push to follow up Ted: '14 letters with one thing over one letter with 14 things' -- generating followup interest

Update Meeting with Umbrella

  • Umbrella is a 501c3, talked about various things. Consensus: none of the things would be made helpful by having charitable status. We're not looking for money, we're not planning things that need money.
  • Exception: sending people to conferences
  • A short term way for us to be 501c3ish?
  • Separate Bicycle Fund--may or may not have a relationship with Bike Loud
  • Strategy moving forward: it's easy for us to take these options if and when we need to.

Website/graphic design:

  • Communications committee should meet and make the website look more professional.
  • Terry: Organized section for documents/maps. Clinton counts. Google Drive might be better for this?
  • Google Drive might be easier to access information. Collaborative tools for working on documents
  • Communications committee needs to meet

Clinton Consistent theme for BL since August May is Bike Month/30th birthday of clinton as a greenway

Emily: Kari is spearheading the 30th birthday Bike2shop week/day: get businesses on board with biking Emily is doing some graphics for that

Safer Clinton is a more neutral organization than BL.

BikeLoud stickers?

Flier for May for businesses supporting bicycles

Blake & Ted to speak on N. Interstate and Larrabee

   * 	Ted dramatically unfurls his map.
   *   Underneath the overpass it goes to 2 ft 7 inches, and there's a grate, and a guardrail
   *   People are speeding, going 40-50 mph
   *   first request: eliminate continuous right turn lane
   *   other request: figure out long term solutions
   *   consider lowering speed limit
   *   City added "Road narrows, bike in lane" sign
   *   Police officer didn't see anyone speeding.
   *   City seems to want to be done
   *   Backlog of speed change requests, ODOT is trapped by state law
   *   Super sharrows in the lane?

Looking for BikeLoud's endorsement of a 3-page letter of detailed complaints and suggestions.

There is a plan to fix the weight limit; the bridge supports are the constraint to widening the road. Removing the onramp and rerouting traffic would make the intersection more standard. 6 years before this enters real planning.

Green sharrows, built alternate path considered.

Bikeloud approves endorsement of the letter with full consensus

Sharrow education Federally approved. Ted will follow up on this

Sunday Parkways

One month away; they need volunteers to handle intersections. If a local comes, you escort the car to their driveway. Two people there at all times. Terry will be there all day, will bring a card table, but can't handle communicating with the city to reserve an intersection. Foster

  • Volunteers: Terry, Jessica, Jim, Emily, Gerald
  • Should sign up for intersection superhero training. Very specific things they want you to do. If a car drives away, confrontation, injury, etc.
  • Free lemonade? Clinton postcards, PBOT postcards, upcoming clinton St events. Any intersection west of 205 would be fine.

Someone needs to take point with the city, email Neal Armstrong. Jen volunteers!


'Being Loud' discussion

  • Restarting Clinton Rush Hour ride? Riding elsewhere?
  • We know we want to be involved in pedalpalooza
Ted's thoughts on 'being loud'
Definitely 2 things
May or may not be another thing
# give constituents a voice.  Talking about bike community vs. talking about bike constituency.  
# Important to take a pro-bicycle position.  Asking for things that are factually defensible; CAP.  
#: Being sassy.  In some ways, not good to be sassy; in some ways it is.  Having a party is sort of more Ted's sassy style.  Creating warm fuzzies vs. being mean.  We probably don't want to be belligerent.  

Gerald: We haven't found or taken opportunities to speak out, at events; 'the pulpit'

Other thoughts:

Being louder about the organization itself. At the transportation summit, people were interested because there were a number of BL people at that but hadn't heard of BL.

Gorilla diverter comes up when you Google BikeLoud

We need to get our name out. 30th for Clinton, good way to put our name behind something. Stickers with the website? Pass them out

Revisit our Logo? Blog? Photos?

Communications committee meeting.

Name discussion; Angel approves of the name. Is the name intimidating? Name has been talked about a lot.

Right to the city coalition
Terry is a transportation head in a grassroots group for progressive agenda items (15$/hour living wage, etc)
Wants to speak for Bike Loud
Subcommittees work out the platform.  
Transportation meeting on this platform, that sends out questions to candidates.  Based on the candidates' answers to these questions, the coalition approves or disapproves of those candidates
Question of how Terry can use BikeLoud positions within creating these platforms.  He can speak for street fee, comp plan letter, and is seeking broader authority to speak on BikeLoud's behalf.
example: we're talking about class issues in east Portland.  Terry wants to endorse an overhaul of sidewalks.  

At some past point, we came up with a set of rules for what it would mean to speak with the Bike Loud name. Gerald thinks it would be appropriate to have some of the people from that conversation present for this deliberation.

Temporary authority is granted for a month, we plan to revisit this question next month.

All other discussion items are moved to next month


Ted suggests a social ride. Post-meeting we work out:

Rodney Greenway Preview An Infrastructure Safari brought to you by BikeLoud PDX Thursday, April 16th

Rodney will be built as a neighborhood greenway this summer; come see what is planned for the area. Here is a chance to ask for the best in infrastructure improvements.

We'll also stop by the problematic Larrabee Overpass and consider possible modifications. Ending at a local dining and beverage establishment. Meet at 5:45 at the top of the steel bridge ramp (corner of N. Interstate and Oregon St.), leave at 6.