Our Endorsement of SE Uplift's Response to the 20's Bikeway

BikeLoudPDX unanimously endorses the requests and commentary of SE Uplift's letter regarding the 20s Bikeway. PBOT's rejection of clear and consistent community feedback regarding safety and comfort on greenways is dismissive of the public support we in active transportation advocacy have worked hard to assemble. It is dismissive of neighborhood associations, city advisory committees and public process. Additionally, the Neighborhood Greenways Assessment Report, which we believed was intended to improve the City's greenways program, was instead used to stonewall improvements--in this case Concordia's request for diversion--to a future greenway. Trust has been lost in this project, as has faith in PBOT's ability and willingness to successfully construct future and repair current bikeways.

We will not take this quietly.

SE Uplift's Letter