Safety on Clinton Meeting December 21, 2014

We had a solid discussion and came up with a number of strategy ideas for improving safety on Clinton.

1) work from idea to link into 20s bikeway and install diverter at SE 28th where bikeway crosses Clinton.

  • note this idea has tentative support from the PBOT project manager, and Terry Dublinsky has all the info and details.

2) trial this idea (#1), a la BetterBlockPDX, by tagging onto an existing idea to work with businesses at SE 26th/Clinton to make "Popcorn Plaza" more permanent. Do it for a week, make it a street party, bring in games and family-friendly things. As a part of this pilot, we'll do outreach to businesses. Date range, to be confirmed: March 2015

  • contact me with questions or if you'd like to support

2a) when this pilot is happening, start petition drive to gather support for permanent signatures.

3) in the meantime, everyone using Clinton who witnesses unsafe behavior AND uses twitter should log it using #saferClinton, to help establish a log of frequency of incidents. e.g.

We talked about having some kind of "Love Clinton - the original bikeway" buttons or shirts made up.

Original Notes at BikeLoudPDX Google Group (login required)