Visioning Meeting February 21, 2015

Hi all! The visioning meeting with Rex Burkholder on Saturday went really well, and it was good to start thinking about BikeLoud's organizational structure and how our group can continue to grow and be effective advocates. Below are photos I took of our notes, plus some supplementary notes by Gerald and myself. The last photo is what we discussed for a one-year strategy, although we ran out of time before we could talk about how to implement it.


What problem are we trying to solve?
Who else is working on this? (this is a rough map of current state of bike advocacy in PDX. Anti and pro are short for anti-bike/pro-bike)
Our unique solution
What will it take?
Next Steps

Gerald’s notes:

  • Make use of "moral high ground." - pro-people, pro-safety, Vision Zero.
  • How use resources wisely?
  • Potential partnership orgs: CCC, 1,000 Friends of Oregon, Oregon Walks.
  • Citizen's Transportation Summit was successful in 1990s.
  • Invite Carl Larson and Rob Sadowsky to meet with BikeLoudPDX.
  • Future strategy meeting - how do we choose priorities?
  • Spoke cards, stickers, t-shirts.
  • Group rides.
  • Table at Sunday Parkways.
  • In the next year we will do X, Y, Z.
  • Try to reach young people on the ground (Bus Project = example of active High School kids). Maybe talk to people playing bike polo in the park, etc.
  • Create a weekly digest, etc for less active members.
  • Is our message getting across as intended?
  • Strategic Plan (1-yr, 3-yr, etc)
  • Partner with BTA. Get them to include a newsletter blurb about BikeLoudPDX, etc.
  • Activate local activists.
  • Steve Johnson, PSU professor, has great blog on civic engagement.
  • Focus on improving the community (social justice, environmental justice).
  • Creating By Laws can generate moment to become a non-profit (Google to borrow; don't reinvent the wheel).

Gerald's miscellaneous thoughts:

1) Provide volunteer daycare for special meetings to make it easier for BikeLoudPDX parents to attend.

Emily’s notes

  • Activate folks who want change but are too busy to go to meetings
  • Mailings/personal relationships help to recruit new members/keep them informed
  • 503 (c) organizations can spend 20% of budget lobbying
  • lobbying isn’t the same as advocacy/grassroots efforts
  • 2 strong bike advocacy groups in PDX better than one?
  • Possibly plan elder activist roundtable to get older activists to tell newer ones history, actions, resources
  • We can do candidate endorsement during next election


  • 3 V’s : values (what we stand for), value (what we offer), voice (what we say and how we say it)
  • Need to improve communications for new people and for people who are somewhat involved

Future Goals

  • Create membership targets
  • Create social media targets
  • get structures in place, message in place, do x number of actions

Storytelling is important for our message- BikeLoud is taking it’s place in the grand tradition/history of PDX social justice and civic engagement

Friendly antagonist relationship with city hall/PBOT- antagonism comes from high expectations and a demand for a better quality of life

Original Notes on BikeLoudPDX Google Group (login required)