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BikeLoudPDX is a new Portland-focused cycling advocacy group. Our goal is to empower Portlanders to create safer streets via grassroots advocacy campaigns.

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Pedalpalooza is upon us!

  • Check out the full Pedalpalooza 2016 calendar here!

BikeLoudPDX City Hall "Follow the Plan" Action Items

  • Readjust the city's transportation budget to 52% safety - 48% pavement. This would help prevent future tragedies because PBOT staff deny many safety requests due to inadequate funding.

Link -- 2030 Bicycle Plan, Page F-2 (reference to needing General Fund funds)

  • Direct PBOT staff to install interim diverters on ~4 neighborhood greenways with major car cut-through problems -- Clinton near 28th and 17th, Lincoln near 41st, Ankeny near 16th, and Gladstone near 39th etc. This would help prevent future tragedies because the density of cut-through traffic contributes to right hook collisions and left cross crashes like the fatality at 39th and Gladstone.

Link -- 2030 Bicycle Plan, Appendix D, Page 16 "Traffic Volume Control Measures"

  • Install "Bicycle may use full lane" signs throughout the city on neighborhood greenways and other bike infrastructure where cars and people biking are in close proximity. This would prevent future tragedies by educating all road users on how to safely "share the road" (and correct the misconception that bikes belong in the door zone on neighborhood greenways).

Link -- MUTCD Figure 9B-2, Section 9B.07_07

  • Direct police to enforce speed limits on neighborhood greenways & other key bicycle routes, with outreach, and zero tolerance. This would help prevent future tragedies based on the numerous near-misses people currently experience.

Link: 2030 Bicycle Plan Section 4.2.3

  • Direct police to track and prioritize responses to crashes involving vulnerable road users.

This would help the city and police prioritize safety fixes and enforcement respectively.

Link: 2030 Bicycle Plan Section 4.2.C, 2nd bullet, very specific directive.

BikeLoudPDX Endorsements

  • Protected bikeways on commercial corridors prioritizing the most dangerous and cost effective sections that have local support (Barbur, Broadway-Sandy, Belmont-Burnside).
  • Complete our greenway system ASAP including a High End East Green Loop. All decisions should be made in favor of active transportation including micro park rest-stops and motor vehicle diversion every quarter mile. “Park Ribbon Promenades” should be created through park-poor neighborhoods and near major roadways. This would be a cultural asset for the entire city.
  • Portland Bike Share. Our support is contingent on bike share being considered a modern mass transit system. It should be be funded from the general fund or through an expansion of the payroll tax that funds TriMet.
  • Transfer auto-focused infrastructure money to neighborhood greenways and bike lanes citywide.
  • Pick an urban center and make it as bike- and pedestrian-friendly as possible. Our first choice would be the Hollywood Town Center as it lies within the heart of the central eastside and includes the NE Sandy high crash corridor.