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BikeLoudPDX is a new Portland-focused cycling advocacy group. Our goal is to empower Portlanders to create safer streets via grassroots advocacy campaigns.

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BikeLoudPDX Endorsements

  • Protected bikeways on commercial corridors prioritizing the most dangerous and cost effective sections that have local support (Barbur, Broadway-Sandy, Belmont-Burnside).
  • Complete our greenway system ASAP including a High End East Green Loop. All decisions should be made in favor of active transportation including micro park rest-stops and motor vehicle diversion every quarter mile. “Park Ribbon Promenades” should be created through park-poor neighborhoods and near major roadways. This would be a cultural asset for the entire city.
  • Transfer auto-focused infrastructure money to neighborhood greenways and bike lanes citywide.
  • Pick an urban center and make it as bike- and pedestrian-friendly as possible. Our first choice would be the Hollywood Town Center as it lies within the heart of the central eastside and includes the NE Sandy high crash corridor.