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Want to help us promote cycling and active transportation? Here are some ways to get involved:

Take Action! New action items for Winter-Spring 2019

  • Give PBOT feedback as they update their Bike Parking Code. Possible elements to support include: more bike parking per unit, easily accessible (e.g. ground-level) bike parking, parking for a variety of bicycle types (cargo, e-bike, etc), all-abilities parking (e.g. horizontal instead of vertical parking).


Join our Newsletter
Join the Newsletter to get notified of events and calls to action.

Follow BikeLoudPDX on Social Media.
Follow us on Facebook to hear about BikeLoudPDX events.

Attend a BikeLoudPDX meeting.
This is where most of the planning and decision-making occurs. General meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month, and topic-specific supplementary meetings are held as needed. Both are open to the public. Check out the Calendar for this month's meetings.

Participate in a BikeLoudPDX event.
As an action-focused group, we've always got something planned or in the works. While the winter months are usually devoted to wonkiness (strategizing, engaging with city agencies, etc), the summer months are filled with protests, group rides, and on-the-street campaigns. All are welcome at our events, but please familiarize yourself with our code of conduct first. Keep up with our events on our Newsletter, Facebook page, or Calendar.

Engage in living room advocacy.
Email the Mayor, City Commissioners, PBOT, ODOT, your state representatives, your local neighborhood association, and let them know how important active transportation is to you. If something is good, thank them for it. If it's not so good, push them to do better.

Connect with other local groups.
BikePortland (bicycle news blog with active comments section)
Oregon Walks (pedestrian advocacy)
The Street Trust (state-wide bicycle advocacy)
Portlanders for Parking Reform (sensible parking strategies)
Portland Bus Lane Project (transit priority advocacy)
Livable Streets Action (Direct action group for walking and cycling)
Oregon and SW Washington Families for Safe Streets (Vision Zero advocacy)
Better Block PDX (tactical urbanism)
Friends of the Green Loop ("Green Loop" concept advocates)
No More Freeways PDX (anti-freeway expansion climate change group)
OPAL (environmental justice)
Portland Transport (mobility and accessibility in Portland-Vancouver)
City Observatory (city planning and policy think tank)
SHIFT (bike fun, including Pedalpalooza)
City Repair (place-making)
Park(ing) Day PDX (city effort to temporarily turn parking spots into public spaces)
Your local neighborhood association
Your local business association
Business for a Better Portland

Hit the pavement.
- Be courteous to other road users, especially pedestrians. Be kind and understanding to new cyclists.
- Know your rights as a cyclist and practice safer cycling techniques, for example taking the lane instead of riding in the door zone on roads without bike facilities. On neighborhood greenways, the sharrows indicate the recommended riding position.
- When shopping/visiting businesses, bring bike accessories in with you, or subtly mention that you cycled to the shop. Compliment business employees on their bike parking (if they have it) or request additional/better bike parking (if they don't).
- Report dangerous/broken/deficient bicycle infrastructure to 823-SAFE (email: safe@portlandoregon.gov / phone: (503) 823-SAFE).
- Report vehicle parking violations to the Parking Enforcement Hotline or PDX Reporter and Bike Lane Uprising.