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  • 2021 World Day of Remembrance

  • Today November 21st marks the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.  Please take time today to remember the 57 Portlanders (and counting) so far lost in 2021. Also remember the millions of others who have died or who are seriously injured throughout the world due to traffic violence. Portland hasn't seen this level of traffic violence in over 50 years. Each traffic death is avoidable, and each time we choose to not  to act by changing our environment and behaviors, we choose to ignore those we've lost.

    World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
    21st NOVEMBER 2021 Days Hours Minutes Seconds Register event Hashtag: #WDoR2021 Slogan: REMEMBER. SUPPORT. ACT Theme: ACT for LOW SPEEDS / ACT for LOW SPEED STREETS #WDoR2021 Last year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the international observance of this Day dedicated to remembering the many mi…

    Also see BikePortland's Fatality Tracker to honor and remember their names:

    Portland Traffic Fatality Tracker -
    <p>“Be respectful. Be safe. If it’s not a hell yes it’s a no thank you. Be responsible. Stay behind the ride leader. Cork cars and look out for each other. <a class=“read-more” href=“″>Read More »</a></p>\n