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  • Bike Summer RAFFLE begins May 31st!

  • ┬áStarting May 31st! BIKELOUD is excited to announce our 2023 Bike Summer Raffle! With a generous donation of a brand new Benno Remidemi from Clever Cycles, we are looking to help grow our membership base, spread the word about BikeLoud PDX, and get one lucky BikeLoud member their next car replacement­čÜ▓

    How to enter:

    1) Become a regular donating member at just $5/month or $30/year

    2) Renew your regular donation! Your support has helped us catalyze bike busses, get bike buddies on the street, and so much more already! Thanks, and let's keep it goingÔťŐ

    3) Make a donation of $10 or more! increments of $10/entry

    Your support helps keep these spokes turning! BikeLoud PDX has helped hundreds of volunteers, advocates, and all-around supporters of biking in America's Bicycle Capital get engaged, stay connected, and support the movement to get 25% of trips in Portland by bike! With your support, we look to grow that movement to every neighborhood in Portland,  and make sure every Portlander has their chance to bike LOUD!

    The Raffle winner will be announced at the end of Pedalpalooza on August 27th at BikeLoud Day!

    BikeLoud PDX is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 public charity. Donations are tax deductible. BikeLoud's EIN is 85-3935802.