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April 2023 Newsletter

πŸš²πŸ“£BikeLoud PDX April Newsletter

Making 25% of trips by 2030 possible.

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As Portland's only grassroots, all-volunteer bike advocacy group, we rely on donations to help purchase materials, services, and support programs that we manage. All donations are tax deductible (EIN 85-3935802)


What we've been up to

PSU Farmers Market Community Ride 3/18
Our volunteer Trike Operator Nick hard at work! 3/18
Bike rack at Lents Happy Hour 3/24


2022 Bike Count Update

The news is out and its not looking good for bike mode share in the Rose City.

PBOT released the 2022 bike count data and reported that just 2.8% of trips in Portland are being made by bicycle. These are bike counts not seen since the early 2000s. 

But we are not deterred. one bit. We hope with these bike counts we can keep the discussion going and start prioritizing what it means for Portlanders to be able to bike for their next trip.

Our recent Op-Ed in the Oregonian stated our case:

"BikeLoud PDX firmly believes that our leaders are missing the opportunity to make safety a priority and invest in the spaces we use to get around."

We have had elected officials year after year avoid the word 'bike' in their campaigns, and because of not being able to prioritize what it means to make our streets safe and convenient for Portlanders who are biking: Portland has also reported some of the deadliest years of traffic violence.

We do not believe this is entirely a coincidence.

Our responsibility is even greater with these new bike counts, and the horrific news of each death from traffic violence. We remain committed, and with these bike counts: we commit to making sure solutions to biking in this city involve your voice.


Friday, April 28th 5-7pm: RALLY at City Hall

Join us for our first rally of 2023 as we gather at City Hall and make sure biking is prioritized in the future of Portland.  More info coming soon....

If you are interested in VOLUNTEERING:
Join our planning call Wednesday, April 12th at 7pm to see how you can get involved!

- Nic Cota, BikeLoud Secretary

people biking in a bike lane together, some side by side
Interested but Concerned?
Check out our Bike Buddy Program!

We are excited to launch Portland's only program dedicated to meeting people where they are at and providing one-on-one guidance for those new to biking! We'll pair you with an experienced BikeLoud PDX volunteer who can meet you once or several times.  Your personal Bike Buddy will answer bicycle-related questions, and ride around with you to help you gain confidence.  Try your commute or daily errands together.  This is entirely free, and we will do our best to pair you with someone that is sensitive to your specific needs and comfort level.

Join the BikeLoud PDX conversation!

All are welcome to join! If you have not already, join our active Slack channel where we discuss the biking issues of our city! Slack is like a mini social network that is designed around fostering effective communication.
Join the BikeLoud PDX Slack

April 2023 Rides and Events

Friday, April 28th @ 5:00pm
City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Ave

In response to the 2022 bike count report, BikeLoud PDX is holding a rally and meetup to show folks at City Hall that biking matters for many folks. We are asking that our City's leaders demand that biking is prioritized in the future of our city, and to take this year's dismal bike counts as a warning sign that we simply aren't doing enough to make biking convenient, safe, and available for ALL Portlanders. More details to come.

Bike Count RALLY Planning Meeting
Wednesday, April 12th @ 7:00pm

BikeLoud PDX General Meeting
Wednesday, April 19th @ 6:00pm
Virtual Meet:

Discussion of Portland-wide opportunities, plans, events, projects, etc for BikeLoud. If you have any agenda items, email them to

BikeLoud PDX West Chapter Ride
Sunday, April 23rd @ 2:30pm, ride at 3pm
Meet at Field's Park (Pearl District)

Join the west-side chapter of BikeLoud at Field's Park for a casual ride. Meet other bike advocates, ride through some new routes on the west-side and build community! We will explore the bike infrastructure available and enjoy the city scenery. We will end each ride near some food and drink options as well!

Ladd's 500 bicycle race β€” 2017 edition | by Aixe Djelal | The Coffeelicious  | Medium
The Ladd's 500
Saturday, April 15th @ 10:00am
Ladd's Circle
Sign up for the BikeLoud PDX team! This annual tradition is a great way to meet many other folks in the bike community as we 'compete' in a relay to encircle the beautiful rose garden in the middle of Ladd's Addition 500 times (technically a 100 miles!). We'd love to see you there as we are excited to introduce our 2023 suite of materials!

 Other Rides/Events (click links for details)

TESTIMONY OPPORTUNITY: Oregon Legislature Joint Committee on Ways and Means
Saturday, April 8th @ 10:00am
PCC Sylvania Campus, PAC Auditorium, 12000 SW 49th Ave

The State of Oregon Legislature Ways & Means Committee (the folks who really decide how/where the budget gets allocated) are doing a public hearing "roadshow" so that folks don't have to travel to Salem to testify on the budget. You do have to sign up in advance to testify, but they will be in Portland April 8th. Please sign up if you can attend to get your voice in about prioritizing how Oregon spends its money!

Transportation Future Day of Action at the Capitol
Thursday, April 13th @ 8:00am
H-278, Oregon State Capitol, Salem, Oregon
Please RSVP via

Right Size Right Now! Transportation Future Day of Action uplifts a vision for our transportation future that is safe, green, equitable and fiscally responsible. Now is the time to let our legislators know we want a right-sized bridge replacement with a right-sized price tag that right-sizes the investments in the transportation future we need and demand. Join us! Right Size, Right Now is a campaign of the Just Crossing Alliance, a partnership of Environmental, Environmental Justice and Sustainable Transportation organizations from across Oregon and Washington. Want more info? Join a campaign briefing here.

East Portland Bike Fair
Friday, April 14th @ 3:45-6:45pm
Ventura Park Elementary School, 145 SE 117th Ave
Get yourself ready to ride during the East Portland Neighborhood Bike Fair! Join us at Ventura Park Elementary on April 14 for free activities including Learn-to-Ride activities for children and adults, bike repair, and safety education. Participants are welcome to bring their ownbikes or borrow one during the event. This event is hosted by the Portland Bureau of Transportation in partnership with David Douglas School District and Community Cycling Center. For more information, visit

Oregon Active Transportation Summit
Sunday, April 23rd - Wednesday April 26th

This annual event held by The Street Trust brings together some of the region's best active transportation planners, engineers, and professionals under one roof to discuss topics and learn about the best strategies for improving our streets for those who walk/roll/ride. We encourage all BikeLoud members to volunteer for free admission as this is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded, passionate folks!

PSU Farmers Market Ride
Every Saturday, first meet @ 10:00am
First meetup: SE Clinton/41st Ave
An all-ages/all-abilities ride from SE PDX to the PSU Farmers Market to help support local farmers, bakers and makers of all kinds. This is a great opportunity to meet and develop community in a relaxed, informal setting.

Always check out for all πŸš² events in PDX