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  • August Meeting - Rescheduled to August 27th and in-person!

  • To help get EVERYONE out to rally and ride with us on BIKELOUD DAY, we will be holding this month's meetup Sunday, August 27th at Noon! Meet at the Zipper (NE 28th and Sandy). More details to be announced as we get closer!

    ​This meeting will be before our big BIKELOUD DAY ride down Sandy at 1pm! The meetup will include discussion about several ways to get involved, including:

    - Chapter Signups
    - Material handouts
    - Board Member Interest Signups (Elections this September!)
    - Tactical Urbanism Committee
    - Vigil Mobilizing Committee
    - Bike Buddy Program

    This will be our last in-person general meeting for the summer, so to celebrate we'll have plenty of snacks, food, and opportunities to connect. If you have any agenda items you'd like to discuss, email them to

    ​Also, in-person meeting are not for everyone! If you are concerned about accessing our meeting, please email and we can look to accommodate virtually as needed as well as follow up with anyone interested in getting involved.

    25% of trips by bike is possible, and it starts with you!