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  • Photo: Black Girls Do Bike, Portland Chapter. Photo Credit: Jonathan Maus,

    50th Anniversary

    2021 is the 50th Anniversary of Oregon's Bicycle Bill! The bill was championed by Republican Representative Don Stathos – an avid bicycle rider from Jacksonville, Oregon. The bill passed by one vote in both the house and senate, and was signed into law in 1971 by Republican Governor Tom McCall.

    What does the Bike/Ped Bill currently do?

    • Minimum of 1% of highway funds must be spent on bicycle/pedestrian improvements (includes state, counties, and cities)
    • Road construction and road reconstruction must include bicycle/pedestrian improvements*
    • Established the Oregon Bike/Ped Advisory Committee

    *Can be exempted if costs are “excessively disproportionate”

    What's the problem?

    At the current rate of funding, Oregon will not complete our Bicycle/Pedestrian plans in over 70 years. The year 2090 is way too late for climate action, and will mean decades of unsafe bicycling and pedestrian facilities for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and underserved communities. SB 395 increases bike/ped funding from 1% to 5% of state highway funds.

    Agencies are currently exempt from improving bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure when resurfacing roads, which delays making streets safer for people rolling and walking. SB 395 requires bicycling and pedestrian facilities when resurfacing roads.

    Agencies have neglected to build safe bicycling and pedestrian access due to 'excessively disproportionate' costs, which are up to the agencies decide. SB 395 adopts the Federal standard of 20% of total project costs so bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure doesn't get left out.

    How can I help support SB 395?

    We are building a network of activists, organizations, and legislators to support SB 395 and get it passed this legislative session. Fill out the form below to add your name to the list of supporters and stay in touch!

    Who is supporting SB 395?

    Bike Loud PDX
    The Street Trust
    Better Eugene-Springfield Transportation