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  • BikeLoudPDX 2021-2022 Board

  • Introducing the new BikeLoudPDX board, elected in September, 2021, and updated December, 2021 and April, 2022

    Chair: Kiel Johnson

    In 2011 Kiel received an Alice Award for his work organizing bike trains. He worked as a bike safety instructor for the BTA as well as a bicycle delivery person for UPS. Ten years ago he started Go By Bike which operates the largest bike valet in North America. Over those ten years Go By Bike has parked over 500,000 bikes. Kiel was one of the founding members of Businesses For A Better Portland and served as treasurer for Chris Smith’s Metro campaign. He lives in the Cully Green co-housing community with his partner, Kate, and 3 year old daughter.

    Vice Chair: Serenity Ebert

    Serenity Ebert is a disabled cyclist & activist living in Portland, Oregon with her cat Bagheera. Born and raised in Southern California, Serenity relies mostly on public transit and her tricycle to move around Portland. She is passionate about transit equity for everyone.

    Secretary: Nic Cota

    Nic (he/him) is a licensed civil engineer living carfree in North Portland with his wife Jenna and their dog Fresno. A bike commuter since high school, Nic has been a proponent of bike-oriented, auto-independent living. He specifically moved to Portland to live a car-light life and feel safe as a frequent bike rider. Through the pandemic, Nic has been motivated to get as many of his neighbors to start getting around by bikes/scooters/feet/transit and to support active transportation projects. He is also the transportation chair for the Overlook Neighborhood Association.

    Treasurer: Mark Linehan

    Mark (he/him) is a recreational and touring bicyclist going way back, with bicycle commuting mixed in. After moving to Portland almost 5 years ago, he commuted by bike daily for 3 years until the start of the pandemic. He’s involved in BikeLoud PDX as a way to push for more and safer bicycling streets, improved community education about cycling, and better laws regarding bicycling.

    Board Member: David Binnig

    David Binnig is a public policy master’s student at Portland State University, a longtime bartender, and a preferential bike commuter. Born in Cleveland, he lives in Southeast Portland with his wife and young daughter, who enjoys napping in the cargo bike.

    Board Member: Paul Buchanan

    A native of Minneapolis, Paul (he/him/they/them) came to Portland by way of Seattle. He grew up in a periodically one car household of five and has since relied heavily on bike and transit but now considers himself Polymodal.

    Board Member: Vivek Jeevan

    Vivek is interested in the ways healthy transportation can help ourselves, our communities, and the world.  Vulnerable road users have great rights that he’d like everyone to know.  Vivek’s primary job is in safety compliance, so he knows what it takes to build a culture of safety.

    Vivek helped launch a successful bicycle collective, volunteered with his city’s Public Works transportation department, and founded Corvallis Right of Way, a traffic education non-profit focused on vulnerable road users.  As a bicycling traffic instructor, you’ll find him in the community teaching about safety.

    Board Member: Shawne Martinez

    Shawne (he/him) is a stay at home Dad that rides his box bike with his daughter all around PDX. (10k miles in 2 years!) He volunteers with Tigard Transportation Advisor Committee and special walk/roll events with their school. Getting more families to walk/roll/bike to school is important to him as he promotes Safe Routes to Schools in his neighborhood.

    Board Member: Deniz Menemenci

    Deniz (she/her) moved to Portland from Chicago in 2021 with her husband Lars and their dog Ramona. She works at Reed College as a communications professional. Biking had never been a primary mode of transportation for Deniz until she moved to Portland, which allowed her to look at bike infrastructure issues through a much different lens. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience navigating city streets as a biker, BikeLoudPDX group rides and conversations helped Deniz realize that meaningful change is possible if enough people believe in the mission to make cities safe for everyone. Deniz is cautiously optimistic about a future where people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds enjoy biking as much as she does and see it as a genuinely viable alternative to cars.

    Board Member: Estelle Morley

    (Joined the board in December, 2022.)

    Estelle (she/her) moved from Florida to Portland in 2009 to challenge herself to live car-free, after learning about the city as a leader in bicycling culture and infrastructure. Fast-forward to 2021 when Estelle was hit by a drunk motorist while riding her bicycle home, enduring horrific bodily damage. After extensive hospitalization and rehab, she's been motivated to shift from bicycle advocate, to activist for safer roads for even the most vulnerable road user. Leading her first group bicycle ride as part of Pedalpalooza 2021, she memorialized the day she survived being hit by riding along with dozens of local Portlanders supporting and remembering other victims and survivors of vehicular violence. Since then, she has discovered her voice and begun submitting letters to ODOT & PBOT, attending demonstrations, and speaking at committee and city meetings calling for safer infrastructure for all, and the desperate need to fund it.

    Board Member: Jasmine Perkins

    Jasmine (she/her) moved to Portland in 2020 with her partner Spencer and two year old pug Daisy, who currently reside in the Pearl District. As a full-time university student obtaining her Bachelor’s in Environmental Science with an emphasis on sustainability, Jasmine is interested in ways to improve Portland’s environmental impact. With this interest, Jasmine decided to go car-free in December of 2021 while previously living the St. John’s neighborhood in North Portland after learning more about bicycling. Through this change, Jasmine became immersed in bike infrastructure across Portland, and the ways in which this infrastructure can impact a bicycle rider. Throughout her work with BikeLoud PDX, she has fully realized the extensive opportunities for bicycling within Portland, as this mode of transportation has showcased the beauty of Portland through human-centered movement and community relations.

    Board Member: Meghan Sinnott

    Umbrella board member, Pedalpalooza BIKE SUMMER Festival Director, Producer at The Moth

    Meghan (she/her)  moved to Portland in 2001 to attend Lewis & Clark College where she wrote her thesis about bicycle subcultures of Portland. She's been involved in the active transportation and bike fun since, acting as Filmed by Bike's Cultural Liaison on their Marketing Advisory Board, organizing and promoting bicycle events (including Oregon Manifest, Pedalpalooza, the Midnight Mystery Ride, the Tweed Ride, The World Naked Bike Ride, and more), teaching the Share the Road Safety Class, and working for Nutcase Helmets as Global Marketing Director. She lives car-free in NE Portland, OR with her husband, two step-kids, and bicycle-loving co-pilot, Aster the dog.

    Board Member: Cathy Tuttle

    Cathy (she/her) is an urban design and planning professional. She worked for the City of Seattle for many years before founding several climate action groups including the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways (SNG) active transportation advocacy group. Cathy led SNG for nearly a decade and still serves on the SNG Board. She moved to Portland in 2021 to see if biking was better here. Cathy is the recipient of many awards for her work in urban design & community building including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Public Service Award that she received jointly with Greg Raisman from PBOT in 2016.