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  • Bike Rally: April 28th

  • Join us Friday, April 28th 5:30–7:00, at City Hall for a bike rally! Friends and families will start gathering at Salmon Street Springs 5–5:30pm for a short bike ride to the rally. Show your support for Portland, America's Biking City!

    Be ready to voice your support: we will let folks speak to talk about what got them biking, what biking means to them, and what it means for the future of Portland!

    BikeLoud PDX is committed to biking in Portland. We’re an all-volunteer biking advocacy non-profit with hundreds of members. When the 2022 Bike Counts were released in March 2023, BikeLoud PDX members weren’t dismayed or shocked by the falling numbers. We were shocked by the City’s statement that they are no longer committed to people who bike by honoring a promise to ‘build it and they will come’.  BikeLoud PDX believes making safe space for biking is the only way we can get more Portlanders to choose to bike on our increasingly dangerous streets. Come to our Friday April 28 Rally to show you support more safe spaces for biking!

    The City of Portland has set goals in its Climate and Transportation Plans that 25% of all trips in the city will be made by bike by 2030. We are closer to that goal than other major cities in the U.S., but we still have a long way to go. Only when we take every opportunity to make biking better will this goal be achieved. Come on Friday April 28 to say you support Portland’s goal of 25% of all trips by bike!

    We are here to say: we are Portlanders who ride bikes and we are still here! BikeLoud PDX wants to support the Portland Bureau of Transportation and our elected leaders to prioritize biking in the future. This is for our children’s future, this is for our climate future, this is for being proud of Portland: America’s Biking City! Rally with your friends and family on April 28 to Keep Portland Biking!
    The 2023 Bike Rally gathers at Salmon Street Springs from 5–5:30 and rides to City Hall and rally 5:30–7pm April 28th. We will celebrate, not as a disappointed group of people who bike, but as a group of folks who still love biking, every day, every year, before and after the pandemic, because we believe: Bikes are still the future!