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  • BikeLoud West - 2022 Central City in Motion Ride Recap

  • Hi Bike Louders!
    We got a sneak preview of many new PBOT projects with PBOT Project Manager Gabe Graff.  

    Last Friday, 14 people joined the BikeLoud West Policy Ride with Gabe and a similar sized group joined separately on Sunday as we retraced the route Gabe took us on.
    Sunday's ride even had the bonus of three parents who brought along their young children, so we all got a good sense of how our downtown streets should safely include families who bike for transportation.

    See Shawne's whole video!

    Also checkout BikePortland's recent post about it here:

    BikeLoud West Update
    Sunday's Policy Ride ended with an outdoor meeting to discuss future BikeLoud West activities. Sean Sweat, founder of the Urban Phoenix Project, spoke about movement building, communications, and policy action and how he is bringing this expertise to Portland. Sean has been living in the Pearl for the past year.

    Viv Jeevan led the BikeLoud West outdoor meeting. Several ideas bubbled up including tabling at the Saturday PSU Farmer's Market to increase membership, and doing tactical work on some gaps in West Portland including the Hawthorne Bridge gap. Please contact Viv directly if you are interested in Farmers Market tabling!

    Please be sure to join the BikeLoudWest Google group if you want up-to-date notifications of future rides, meetings, events, and opportunities to help.

    Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 12.48.34 PM.png
    Bikeloud West on Sunday at Director Park
    Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 12.49.59 PM.png
    Bikeloud West on Sunday at Director Park

    Political Change:
    Ask questions -- be sure to thank PBOT & elected leaders for good work! (Joann Hardesty, PBOT Commissioner) (Chris Warner, PBOT Director) (Ted Wheeler, Portland Mayor)

    Central City In Motion (CCIM) Project staff

    CCIM does quarterly public meetings. Sign up with Briana to get notifications.

    Downtown Spot Improvements:

    503-823-BUMP or use the smart phone app – PDX Reporter, to report potholes. (PBOT Safety response)

    - Cathy Tuttle & Viv Jeevan, BikeLoud West co-chairs