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  • Bike Loud Board Election

  • 2021 is bringing some bold changes to Bike Loud. We’re changing Bike Loud’s organizational structure away from self-appointed leaders to a membership-elected board, and we are reorganizing to include community-based chapters. Initially, we will have three chapters: West Portland, North/Northeast, and Southeast and East. Over time, we expect to develop more in the future, possibly including affinity-based as well as geography-based chapters. We recently received a large donation that is dedicated to getting these groups going, so we expect great things!

    As part of this reorganization, Bike Loud PDX will hold board elections at the September general meeting - 6pm on Wednesday, September 15. For our first round of board members, we are looking for members who will serve as chapter liaisons, lead our Membership and Marketing Committee, and serve on the Executive Committee as a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer.

    What does it involve? Showing up, participating in the discussions, and helping with chapter activities or other Bike Loud PDX projects as they catch your interest.

    Voting is open to anyone who has attended at least one BikeLoud PDX meeting in the past year.  (Eventually we will have a minimal membership fee but that’s not in place yet.) We’ve capped the board at 16 directors, so if we don’t have more than that we’ll elect the Board as a slate. If a formal vote is needed, we’ll use an approval-voting system.

    Nominations for the board are open from now through September 12 (three days before the election).  Use this form to nominate yourself or someone else with their permission.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at bikeloudpdx [at]