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  • Some people prefer to learn by taking a class.  Classes range in length of time, place, and content.  

    Currently in Portland, the only group offering complete bicycle traffic classes, by certified instructors, are at  Hopefully more instructors will open more classes in the future.

    Topics in classes typically include:

    • Parking lot drills to get comfortable balancing, turning, shifting gears, starting smoothly, and intersection simulations.
    • Clothing/gear you may need.
    • Tips for locking a bicycle.
    • Choosing a bicycle style and size that meets your needs and fits you comfortably.
    • Basic bike maintenance.  Ensuring your bike is safe enough to ride.
    • Learning to get groceries, haul kids, and commute to work.
    • How to find a route in Portland to get places by bike.
    • Laws and best practices while riding.
    • How to feel comfortable riding amongst cars.
    • Riding around town together.