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  • Clear the Greenways

  • Photo Credit: Jonathan Maus, BikePortland

    Dear Commissioner Hardesty and Director Warner,

    This weekend Portland is anticipating a few inches of snow. While we understand that the city has limited resources, Bike Loud PDX is concerned that only a handful of our Neighborhood Greenways are part of the plowing schedule. It should be noted that the newly constructed 130’s and HOP Greenways are not scheduled to be plowed. It is also unclear whether the protected bike lanes on Better Naito, North Rosa Parks, or on Halsey/Weidler will be plowed at all.

    People who bicycle to access jobs, education, and other daily needs all rely on our Neighborhood Greenway network. We ask that PBOT include plowing and de-icing of our Neighborhood Greenways to the maintenance schedule, particularly in neighborhoods where access to safe bicycling routes are already limited.

    Catie Gould & RJ Sheperd
    Co-Chairs, Bike Loud PDX